One on One: Jim Dicso on Videos Which Reflect the Person Who Views Them

We’re all familiar with the possibility of personalizing online experiences in real-time, and even personalizing email content at moment of opening. But imagine a video, on any device, which populates itself — automatically — with individually personalized content, after you press play. Magic? I sat down with Jim Dicso of the personalized video marketing platform SundaySky to discuss how its done.

It’s Time to Dive Deeper into your Marketing Data

Marketers still struggle to use data to its full potential, falling into the trap of the iceberg effect. Mark Flaharty, COO, Advertising at SundaySky explains, how to tap into the full iceberg of customer data — including data that is under the surface — to better engage with customers and prospects.

Brand Advocacy – And How Emotion Plays A Major Role

Brand advocacy is often seen as the pinnacle of a brand-customer relationship since it elevates loyalty into actual promotion, and many believe the key difference between loyalty and advocacy is emotion. SundaySky CEO Jim Dicso recently shared his opinion on why emotions are a crucial part in creating brand advocates on a guest post titled “Why emotion is crucial to create brand advocates – and what you can do about it” on the publication Marketing Land.

4 Characteristics of Exceptional Customer Experiences

In the age of the highly informed consumer, the only way for brands to distinguish themselves from their competitors is through exceptional customer experiences. By personalizing customer experiences, brands are able to deliver relevant and valuable content that actually helps a customer along their journey and breeds loyalty with every single touchpoint.