How Personalized Video Advertising Is Changing The Game

Kelly Gentile February 08, 2018
How Personalized Video Advertising Is Changing The Game

Video advertising has come a long way.

Today, digital video marketers are able to capitalize on customer data and personalization to maximize their engagement with every customer.

Brands are presented with three opportunities to transform their video advertising strategies:

  1. Leverage a video’s unique capabilities – Video ads are engaging, capturing viewer’s attention for a full 15 to 30 seconds, combining sight, sound and motion to compel consumer behavioral change.
  2. Take advantage of customer data – Brands have a plethora of valuable customer data that can be organized and used to dramatically improve customer interactions and engagement.
  3. Harness the power of personalization – Brands can deliver an individualized, timely and relevant message to engage each and every consumer they have meaningful data on. That means 1:1 marketing at scale. 

Each of these initiatives is valuable in its own right—but it’s only when all three are combined that brands can realize the full potential of engaging customers with a unique, personalized real-time message.

Personalized video advertising marries these elements, resulting in a powerful way to reach target audiences. Whether a brand’s goals are a measurable increase in sales and revenue or brand recognition and recall, personalized video advertising has proven to address both performance and brand metrics and outperform most online marketing tactics.

Many brands have already begun to personalize their customer experiences, advertise with digital video or combine and structure their big data. The combination of data management, programmatic personalization and targeting, delivery, and optimization capabilities – delivered through one full-stack solution – is important to achieving truly personalized video advertising.

This is where SundaySky’s Personalized Video Platform comes into play. It can track, measure and optimize against many parameters that influence the media buying decisions, ad selection and ad content decisions. This enables brands to deliver the right story to the right viewer at the right time in the most engaging manner possible, resulting in high performance ads that drive value.

SundaySky’s Personalized Video technology succeeds in bringing the creative execution and media buy together to deliver real-time, personalized video ads specific to an audience of one. The platform decides which user to target and when the ideal time is to target, then bids on inventory. Once the bid is won, SundaySky’s algorithm can determine which creative assets and scenes to include in the ad, and delivers a personalized ad relevant to the viewer at that instant.

To help ensure a great brand experience and outstanding performance, SundaySky buys in-stream, user-initiated, non-skippable pre-roll ads. We work with brands to agree on target sites and blacklisted sites and can provide inventory transparency with URL-level data.

Normally, decoupling the media buying and creative functions would lead to a steep decrease in performance. But via this full-stack approach, SundaySky can track, measure and optimize against many parameters that influence the media-buying decisions, ad selection and ad content decisions.

The technology of SundaySky’s Personalized Video is nimble enough to implement a 1×1 pixel which sends user data variables back to SundaySky’s master data repository in real time.

These variables include:

  • Recency since user visited the site
  • Number of pages viewed, last page viewed, time on site
  • Cart started, cart stage, cart complete, products in cart
  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Product and product category
  • Placement (exchange, publisher & URL)
  • Contextual information about the video the user is about to see
  • User information (e.g. geolocation, IP)
  • Device information (e.g. OS, browser, version)

When both the ad creative content and the media buy are informed in real time by demographic, contextual, behavioral or geographic data, optimal efficiency is achieved, resulting in deeply relevant and effective personalized video advertising.

A brand’s partners should care as much about the quality and image of the digital ad campaign as the brand. If vendors cannot execute an advertising solution which personally connects with customers, or they are unable or unwilling to provide brands with CPM pricing and inventory transparency, it’s time to find a new partner. For the best possible digital video ad experience, the time is right for SundaySky.

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