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Loyalty Programs

Make your customers and employees feel appreciated with personalized video messages that answers their questions and provides valuable content. Our video solutions provide tailored information to increase retention and encourage program advancement. With SundaySky’s Video Platform, you put the power of video to work for your business.

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SundaySky Impact on Loyalty Programs

98% Improved program understanding
79% Viewer understanding of upcoming renewal

Convey Value by Recapping Rewards to Cinch Renewals

Reinforce loyalty and rewards program value by providing personalized summary videos annually and upon program renewal. Activate your existing data investments to present topics and educate program members on the tools and services not yet utilized. This level of customer engagement deepens lifetime value and cements lasting loyalty while increasing the awareness and lifting the usage of such program features.

See how Bank of America conveys value of its rewards program

Combat Low Switching Costs to Retain Customers

Customers today have plenty of market options, and the savvy ones know there are very low costs to switching providers if a bigger, better deal comes along. Retailers, insurers and software companies that proactively strengthen customer relationships pre-renewal prevent customers from looking around. A personalized, video-enabled customer experience answers common questions, delivers important renewal information, and – most importantly – highlights the value the customer received in the relationship to date. This approach smoothes the way to recurring relationships while increasing renewal rates and lifting loyalty ratings, measured by Net Promoter Score and J.D. Power rankings.

Discover how BJ’s Wholesale Club thanks its members

Advance Members in Tiered Programs to Increase Lifetime Value

Whether it’s one more purchase or the next few visits, communicating how to achieve the next tier relevant to members within the context of their personal lifestyle and recent activity allows messages to resonate and land with your audiences. With SundaySky, you can delivers messages by audience segments as well as individual personalization, making loyalty easy to win with videos that simplify and promote your programs.

View how United Airlines advances its loyalty program members

“SundaySky allows us to give a new level of transparency to our customers and really convey that message of all the values that the rewards program is bringing them.”

John Sellers
Preferred Rewards Executive at Bank of America

Raise Your Rewards & Renewals

The power is in our platform. Schedule a live demo to discover how SundaySky elevates loyalty, rewards and renewal programs to improve customer and employee retention with highly personalized video engagement.

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