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Simplify Your Service & Support

Service and support journeys derail when customers get stuck. Turn these moments of doubt, confusion and stress into positive and comforting interactions by offering highly relevant video that provides next-best actions to take based on situational context. Educate and empower your customers through captivating engagement with SundaySky that improves satisfaction, deepens loyalty, and lifts retention rates.

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29% Increase in digital tool adoption
48 Points improvement in Net Promoter Score
35% Reduction in call center volume
12% Increase in financial account applications

Support Payments Journeys with Video Billing

Proactively clarify moments of customer confusion around billing complexity by explaining how a bill is structured, recent changes to plans or coverage, and providing instructions for setting up payments. Alleviate these moments of friction with comforting interactions by offering individualized customer support at scale – in an easily consumable and captivating manner. Engaged customers who better understand their bill are less likely to call into the contact center and more likely to adopt digital payment services like autopay and paperless billing.

Highlight Service Updates to Drive Stickiness

Build awareness and drive engagement by promoting new releases, product features and service updates. Proactively push out service video updates when customers need them most – such as within the app or product interface – for the most contextually relevant experience. Customer enablement on new capabilities supports customer satisfaction, drives product stickiness, and increases customer lifetime value.

Be a Trusted Guide to Improve Self-Service Effectiveness

Be a source of strength for your customers when they need you most. Eliminate stress and confusion during complex customer service processes with personalized and contextually relevant video. Proactively answer common questions and empower customers with the knowledge that encourages digital tools adoption. Educated and engaged customers are more likely to opt for self-service choices that improves their satisfaction while your business reduces call volume by addressing top call drivers.

Troubleshoot Service Issues

Issue resolution is a make or break moment in the customer journey. Turn these stressful moments into positive engagement by troubleshooting service issues and providing on-demand assistance using interactive and personalized video experiences. Video captivates and holds viewers’ attention so that your critical care messages are efficiently delivered. Customers receive relevant value from your brand and your business reaps the benefits of lifting Net Promoter Score (NPS) and reducing inbound call volume and its related care expenses.

Does your digital service deliver?

It’s time to increase your business’s digital and self-service effectiveness and reduce the cost to servicing customers with SundaySky. Book a demo and see for yourself how SundaySky amplifies your customer service and support journeys with easy video creation and personalization.

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