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ABM With Video Does More

220% Lift in account-to-meeting conversions
90% Savings in production time and cost

Add Video to Your ABM Mix

SundaySky’s AI-powered video for ABM personalizes every aspect of a video to the viewer, from the narration and on-screen text to the images, videos, music, CTAs, and more. Imagine the possibilities of leveraging company name, vertical, location, revenue, pain points, or intent, to craft a message that speaks directly to your target buyer.

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Maximize your ABM Strategy & GTM Efficiency

Anyone in your marketing or sales organization can easily create ABM videos for multiple personas within a target account or tier

Create a video one time and use personalization to target your message to a wider buying committee, saving your teams time and effort on creating custom assets. You maintain on-brand & professional-quality videos, while your team easily expands their reach.

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Scale Video Across The Buyer Journey

Attract, engage, and acquire your target ABM accounts with highly relevant and personalized video content that moves prospects through the funnel and into your pipeline quickly. Marketing and sales motions that are perfect for video include digital ads, landing pages with targeted offers, and outbound prospecting activities including email and social selling.

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Grow and Retain Customers with Personalized Video

By incorporating video into your ABM strategy, you can create more engaging, personalized, and effective customer experiences, ultimately boosting retention and driving long-term loyalty and satisfaction.

Deliver personalized business reviews and renewal reminders, inspire with case studies, highlight feature releases, announce updates, incentivize renewals, and more.

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“The level of audience engagement we’ve witnessed from tailored, personalized video has exceeded our expectations. The ability to scale our video strategy and the ease at which my team can create videos on their own for our ABM and demand gen campaigns makes SundaySky one of the more popular tools to use in their toolkit.”

Mark Tack
CMO, Treasure Data

“We draw from the performance of what videos are working in our sales cadences and what videos are working in our demand gen marketing campaigns. How can we learn from one another and create something that truly sings and is the best content for that prospect, wherever they are in our journey.”

Ariana Shannon
Marketing Director,


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