Personalized Video Lessons From and for Facebook

Facebook is setting the bar high in terms of what can be done in personalized video, thanks in large part to the immense amount of data the network has on its users. The unique nature of the platform enables Facebook to tap into deeper personalization opportunities that aren’t available outside of its environment, such as featuring a user’s photos and social sphere.

Personalization in Retail eMarketer Report

In this eMarketer report, “Personalization In Retail: The Latest Trends And Challenges” by Yory Wurmser, learn about some of the common challenges that retail teams are encountering and read up on current trends with personalization used at different touch points across the customer lifecycle.

3 Ways to Make Personalized Marketing a Practice, Not a Goal

Marketing–the process or technique, not the profession–is a verb for good reason. It represents an ongoing dialogue between brands and their audience. While these conversations change depending on who’s participating in them, they’re constantly evolving and creating a foundational relationship between the two parties.

Pivot To Person-First Personalization

Personalization is all the hype, and for good reason: Consumers expect brands to leverage the data they exchange to deliver better experiences. But many personalized experiences today miss the mark. This report explains how customer experience (CX) professionals must approach personalization programs with person-centric objectives to create long-term business results.