Elevate Your Onboarding Experiences

Marketers, customer experience leaders, and people professionals know that the welcome period is the opportune moment to build a long-lasting relationship to that delivers long-term business value. SundaySky’s Video Platform enables you to create and deliver highly-relevant video experiences to land those critical messages you want to communicate in those first few days in order to reduce churn in a cost-effective yet highly engaging way.

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29% Increase in digital tool adoption
35% Reduction in call center volume

Teach Digital Behaviors Early for Efficient Relationships

The onboarding period is the opportune time to instill intended behaviors with new customers. Educate them on why and how to adopt digital tools and services with your business, such as autopay or automatic contributions, paperless billing, and downloading the mobile app – video topics all built-in to the SundaySky platform. Setting these expectations early and often establishes more efficient digital-first customers relationships, improves retention rates, and reduces contact center call volume and costs.

Drive Actions for Immediate Value Realization

Every new customer deserves a warm and valuable welcome. Personalized video transforms the onboarding process to make new customers feel cared for and conveys the value your business delivers. Telecommunication providers, healthcare insurers, and software companies use the SundaySky platform to communicate benefits and enable key first steps to take to drive early activation of products and services. Your customers will immediately receive value and be set on the path to lasting loyalty while your business reduces early churn and cancellation rates.

See how Okta drives immediate product usage

Simplify Complex Topics and Answer Common Questions

Healthcare plans, insurance policies, investment summaries, credit reports, and billing statements are all laden with obtuse jargon that causes customer confusion. Proactively clarify terminology and respond with essential information that minimizes complexity and fosters positive impressions from the get-go. Personalized videos educate and empower your audiences with the knowledge they need, presented in an easily digestible manner that engages customers and improves retention rates.

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Engage New Hires in a Digital-First World

Every new team member should receive a warm welcome – even in today’s remote working environment. Create the right first impression for new employees by engaging them with personalized onboarding videos specific to their function, team or department, and office location. Highlight company culture differentiators, share employee benefits and office perks, and reinforce corporate vision, mission and values. Providing the important information every employee needs to excel in their role will engage and energize your workforce.

“When members are new into their health plans it can be a confusing time for them. We’re using SundaySky to help make a very complicated experience simple. By making it personal and talking about what these words and numbers all mean to a specific individual and their family, people are more engaged because it actually matters to them.”

VP Marketing, Strategy & Member Onboarding at UnitedHealthcare

Is Your Onboarding Engaging?

Take your onboarding journeys from good to great. Book a live platform demo to see how SundaySky transforms your customer and employee onboarding process into a personalized and highly engaging experience with video.

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