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Platform Enablement
& Onboarding

SundaySky’s platform training experts equip your team and external partners to independently create, personalize, distribute, optimize and measure video within our onboarding and enablement programs. Naturally, we developed an extensive library of video content – all built within our platform – to guide you through training, and our team is available for virtual, dedicated training sessions.  


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Video Strategy

SundaySky consultation services are available to help you get started with video and build out holistic video strategies mapped to your customer journeys. Let our experts educate you and your team on viewer consumption patterns and best practices for video personalization as well as perform a data audit in order to utilize the platform to its full potential. You’ll walk away with use case prioritization, content planning and creative ideation frameworks, and an outline of data to use to maximize your video engagement outcomes, all tailored to your business’s goals, audiences, and messaging priorities.

See examples of engaging videos our customers built across their customer journeys

Customer Success

The SundaySky Customer Success team offers ongoing platform expertise and video engagement assessments to grow the value of your video platform investment and optimize your videos to meet and exceed business goals. We bring wisdom from analyzing billions of video views across hundreds of programs and dozens of industries, providing insight into performance and finding hidden opportunities to optimize content and make more informed decisions.


SundaySky’s dedicated Customer Support team is available 24/7 to troubleshoot all issues and get you back on track. Our always-on help center answers common questions and provides how-to tutorials for every platform feature. 

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Creative Production

SundaySky’s Creative Studio offers years of experience across all digital channels, formats, and video marketing services. This team works with you to build custom media assets and configure video scenes according to your brand guidelines in the SundaySky platform, enabling your teams and users to create and update video yourself with your own media library. We specialize in all aspects of video production including visual design – including iconography, illustrations, infographics and more – dynamic animation, narration recordings and scripting.

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We bake our domain expertise right into our platform. Book a demo to see the power of the SundaySky Video Platform in action and accelerate your team’s use of video to transform your digital engagement strategies.

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