Welcome to Our Next Chapter: SundaySky Leading the CX Future through Video-Powered Experiences

Apryl Casale November 21, 2019
Welcome to Our Next Chapter: SundaySky Leading the CX Future through Video-Powered Experiences

Since our founding in 2008, our theory was that three independent trends driven by Fortune 500 brands—structuring their data, focusing on personalizing customer touch points, and leveraging video—would converge. Based on this idea, we created the first personalized video solution. Over the ensuing 10 years, SundaySky has helped some of the world’s largest brands increase revenue, reduce costs, and increase loyalty.

Our largest customers are undergoing a digital transformation that is placing their customers at the center of the business. As Mark Greatrex, CMO of Cox Communications puts it, “retention is the new growth and we need to deliver signature brand moments across the customer lifecycle to continuously remind our customers of the value of doing business with us.”

All brands are coming to the realization that the experience you deliver is just as important as the product or service you’re selling. Customer experience, and increasingly digital customer experience, is the competitive battleground of the future.

It is with excitement and enthusiasm that I’d like to present the new SundaySky. We put it like this:
SundaySky enables brands to deliver video-powered experiences that drive breakthrough outcomes at moments of consequence across customer journeys.

Companies today recognize that the customer experience is at the heart of business—brands understand that digital transformation, brand recognition, and brand loyalty come from a great CX experience. Unfortunately, while there has been a substantial investment in CX optimization, many brands are failing to break through to deliver truly outstanding experiences.

To create great customer experiences and satisfy the demands of consumers, brands need a new approach to CX that begins with the customer perspective. Addressing the customer point of view is crucial during specific moments of consequence on the customer journey.

Moments of Consequence

There are moments of consequence during every customer journey; moments where the topic or process is complex; moments where the value proposition is difficult to communicate; moments where a behavior change is in the best interest of the consumer and the brand; and moments where emotion is present. In short, these moments can make or break the relationship between the brand and the consumer.

  • Moment of Indecision: Don’t feel they can make an informed or the “right” decision for themselves because the right answers aren’t available when needed
  • Moment of Resistance: Questioning whether a product or service is worth the money and/or time investment, and whether it’s needed and useful
  • Moment of Frustration: Doubt and stress incurred by uncertainty and lack of information
  • Moment of Confusion: Unsure as to how to perform actions and extract the most benefit
  • Moment of Choice: Decisions involved when there are an abundance of renewal/upgrade options

So how can brands deliver breakthrough outcomes at these moments of consequence?

Video-Powered Experiences

The only truly responsive digital answer to the CX underperformance and fractured digital landscape is video. But brands need to rethink how they use video. Videos have traditionally been built as a linear medium with a 1-to-many message and either delivered to the consumer as an ad or made available via generic placement in digital media.

We at SundaySky believe it is a strategic imperative to transform CX with a new generation of video-powered experiences that engage and inspire consumers. These video experiences are developed in a modular format and vary depending on data about the viewer at the moment the viewer engages with the video. Video-powered experiences drive consumers to take action that benefit them and also have an associated business benefit for the brand delivering the experience.

The VX Platform

SundaySky’s Video Experience Platform is the only video platform that delivers video experiences using intelligent automation to drive the optimal messaging at scale. Our video-powered experiences are contextually relevant, interactive, dynamic, and individualized with viewer-specific content generated at a moment in time so every person watching the video has an experience that is unique to them.

Together with our customers, we’ve analyzed the impact of delivering video-powered experiences at key moments of consequence. Following are three customer case studies.  

1. Telecom customer care at a moment of frustration: A large number of customers were confused about their bills and turned to the call center for answers or to cancel their service. SundaySky delivered an individualized and personalized video-powered experience available to subscribers via the web-portal, mobile app, email, and SMS, and which is unique to the viewer at the moment they view the video to explain their bill using their bill data. Using a control group study, we calculated that customers exposed to the video called at a 19% lower rate than the control group, resulting in $9M annual expense savings.

2. Online retail at a moment of choice: Prospective online shoppers who abandoned their browsing without making a purchase or became inactive after a single purchase. SundaySky delivered a dynamic video advertising experience created based on their unique shopping behavior to encourage them to finalize a purchase. Using the retailer’s attribution system of record, the customer reported a 24x ROI.

3. New customer onboarding at a moment of education: Customers who signed up for a new service, but were unsure how to leverage all of its features and benefits, resulting in early-life churn in the first 90-days. SundaySky delivered a contextual video experience to welcome and educate the consumer on how to maximize use of the new service. Using a control group study, we calculated a 23% reduction in early-life churn, resulting in $5 of revenue for every $1 spent.

The SundaySky VX Platform, coupled with our deep domain expertise, are the primary ingredients that have enabled us to lead this exciting new category. Meeting the high CX expectations of consumers is the biggest challenge brands face. The world’s most demanding brands are already using SundaySky’s video-powered experiences to drive breakthrough outcomes. If you don’t know when, where, and why your customers face difficult or painful moments of consequence during their CX journey with your brand, you’re letting them down.

I am so excited about the new CX landscape and how SundaySky’s innovative video experience platform can help our great customers deliver better experiences and value to their customers, and help their own brands reach their utmost potential.

If you’re ready for better CX, please contact us. Thank you so much for your continued support.

Jim Dicso, CEO at SundaySky