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The SundaySky
Video Platform

Let’s make agile video creation simple for your team and scalable for your organization. SundaySky’s Video Platform enables you to unleash video’s true potential by making it easier to produce, scale, and optimize.


Plan, create, and configure exceptional, high-quality video


Update videos quickly with modular building blocks and reusable asset libraries


Personalize videos for specific audiences or individual viewers at scale


One platform for omnichannel video deployment


Measure viewer engagement, discover new insights, and quickly A/B test

Simple & fast video
creation for everyone

No specialized skills required to quickly produce
exceptional content


SundaySky’s Video Platform enables you to quickly produce captivating videos without the traditional costs and skills required for high-quality video production. Our intuitive, easy-to-use interface includes dynamic templates, creative themes, color and font configurations for your brand, animations, advanced text-to-speech narration capabilities, music tracks, sound effects, and more. Create rich, premium content in minutes not months.

Content velocity
without the complexity 

Stay on brand and organized at the speed of market changes


SundaySky’s Video Platform allows you to extend the shelf-life of your videos by easily making changes, keeping your videos relevant and up-to-date. Users can quickly manage media assets, reuse modular scenes to speed time-to-market, and react fast to test and learn opportunities. Video no longer has to be a linear, static, expensive-to-maintain asset.

Connect with
viewers at scale 

Combine data with video for deeper audience engagement


If you choose, the SundaySky Video Platform enables you to activate first, second, and third-party data sources, and leverage partner integrations, to personalize narration, on-screen messaging, and creative assets to your specific audience segments and even to the individual viewer. Our unparalleled real-time rendering is one of the fastest, scalable, and proven engines on AWS cloud. Because it is state-less and storage-less, you save money on hosting fees and always deliver the most relevant content. Our platform guarantees data security and is SSAE SOC II certified and HIPAA compliant. 

Meet your viewers
where they are

One platform, multiple channels


The SundaySky Video Platform enables omnichannel video distribution across owned, paid, and social media channels. Owned distribution includes email, SMS/MMS, on your website, or other owned digital properties such as mobile apps, portals. Paid and social channels include all major programmatic exchanges, as well as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Connected TV/OTT. Our industry-leading video player ensures a smooth video viewing experience across different devices, channels, web browsers, and operating systems. The aspect ratio, format, length, and design of the videos are optimized to the channel to encourage engagement and action.

Powerful reporting,
analytics, and
AI-fueled insights 

Make performance-driven video a breeze


SundaySky’s Video Platform enables you to measure viewer engagement and impact. You can drill down into metrics to learn about viewers’ preferences and behaviors to strategically optimize messaging and engagement. You can even discover transferable audience insights to apply across other parts of your organization.