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SundaySky’s Video Experience Platform

Innovative marketers, CX professionals, advertisers, and SundaySky transform customer relationships with tools to define, build, deploy, measure and optimize video-powered experiences (VX)


End-to-end tools to define, build, measure & optimize


Adobe After Effects extension for dynamic animations


Real-time video renderer at enterprise scale


Media buy optimization & deployment across paid media platforms


Industry-leading video player with advanced analytics


Strategize for

Comprehensive, collaborative planning tools

Studio Framework

Framework planning determines the right type of VX that meets your organization’s needs. Connect interdependent elements like goals, audience, channel, touchpoint, story, scenes, and data that create a holistic engagement strategy for all of your customer journeys. Jumpstart delivery with pre-built solutions for the most difficult VX challenges, and develop custom solutions for ever-evolving customer needs.

Design captivating

Adobe After Effects extension for dynamic animations


Design and animate anything you want with After Effects, then use SundaySky’s powerful extension to map data elements and dynamic assets to animations. Our unique dynamic timing capability allows the animation timeline to shrink and stretch according to the narration length — ensuring a perfectly synched custom video.

Build for
modularity, agility and scale

Intuitive authoring tools and libraries

Studio Builder Studio Scenes Studio Editor

Bring your digital experience strategy to life with intuitive VX authoring tools, and no technical skills required. The platform allows users to build compelling VX using centralized libraries of modular scenes, creative assets, business logic, and data sources. It moves at the speed of your business, allowing users to update VX without pre-existing video editing knowledge and costly production resources. Modify data and content placeholders in a few clicks to generate limitless content variations while maintaining brand guidelines and localizing content.

for real-time

Real-time video renderer


The moment a viewer hits play, their video generates based on the most up-to-date information. Our enterprise-grade GPU renderer activates data in real-time through feeds and APIs. Real-time rendering ensures valuable and optimal digital experiences. The platform guarantees data security and is SSAE SOC II certified and HIPAA compliant. Real-time video rendering also allows you to save money by limiting storage costs.


Target audiences with dynamic, value-driven advertising

Demand-side platform for sustainably high performance


SundaySky’s brand-safe demand-side platform (DSP), proprietary AI advertising algorithm, and real-time rendering engine maximize consumer engagement and business performance. The DSP creates profiles based on consumer actions and digital footprint, identifies and bids on the most valuable impressions, serves relevant dynamic video ads, and automatically learns and adjusts to meet designated KPIs. Reach consumers at the right time with the right message through programmatic video, Facebook, YouTube, and OTT.

Put the
viewer first

Industry-leading video player for owned digital properties


SundaySky’s industry-leading video player for data-driven video experiences uses advanced analytics and interactive capabilities to help brands learn more about their customers. It ensures a smooth video viewing experience across different devices, channels, web browsers, and operating systems. Connect with your customers where they prefer to engage – through email, SMS/MMS, on your website, in your portal, and within your mobile app. The format, length, and design of the experience are optimized to the channel to encourage the desired behavior. Integrate the player in digital properties to track and measure viewer engagement, actions, and behaviors to determine overall business impact and creative performance.


Measure value and

Powerful reporting and analysis dashboards

Studio Analytics

SundaySky’s platform provides self-service analytics dashboards that measure real-time business impact, uncover optimization opportunities, and can integrate into your brand’s analytic system. Users can drill-down into a wealth of data and metrics to learn about customers’ preferences and behaviors to strategically optimize messaging, improve engagement, and drive behavior change. Even discover transferable audience insights to apply across brand-wide marketing tactics.

Integrate from
any source

Built-in configurable data connections

Studio Libraries Engine

The SundaySky Video Experience Platform’s flexible infrastructure allows marketers to pull in and activate data from first, second, and third-party data sources. Easily leverage existing partner integrations to create unique stories based on each individual’s profile, interests, and behaviors. Click here to learn more about SundaySky partners.