SundaySky Makes ABM Video On LinkedIn A Reality

Rachel Eisenhauer April 23, 2024
SundaySky Makes ABM Video On LinkedIn A Reality

Video on LinkedIn drives 40% higher engagement than any other format, but creating video for LinkedIn campaigns is a top challenge for marketers. Today SundaySky announced a LinkedIn partnership to solve that problem: B2B marketers can now transform the way they create, personalize, and scale video for their account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns on the world’s largest professional network. 

“Bringing personalized video into LinkedIn as part of ABM strategies is an exciting tool for marketers from small startups to large global enterprises because it allows them to create and deliver video at scale – and not just for their top tier accounts. SundaySky helps marketers drive more tailored, effective video content for any target account – from the high-value, strategic accounts to the hundreds or thousands of account targets in an ABM campaign.”

Barbara Dischner, SVP, Marketing at SundaySky

Read the full press release here: SundaySky Powers Personalized Video for Account-Based Marketing on LinkedIn, and watch the below video to see how B2B marketers can supercharge their ABM and digital marketing strategy on LinkedIn:

Personalized video is already driving change for ABM

SundaySky’s customers have already seen the value in bringing scalable, personalized video into their ABM strategies, which drives bigger wins, better engagement and higher conversions. Its AI-powered enterprise video platform has delivered the following ABM results:

  • 93% increase in meeting-to-qualified pipeline conversions.
  • 220% lift in account-to-meeting conversions.
  • 90% savings in production time and cost.

By joining the LinkedIn Marketing Partner Program, SundaySky will empower B2B marketers to tailor their ABM video ads on LinkedIn with personalized messaging, helping them deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time. 

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