Four Types of Video-Powered Experiences for Any Brand’s CX Strategy

Rachel Eisenhauer December 06, 2019
Four Types of Video-Powered Experiences for Any Brand’s CX Strategy

Providing a stellar customer experience is the biggest challenge for today’s forward-thinking brands. But too many brands are falling short in their objective of putting the customer first, and missing opportunities to forge strong and valuable relationships.

We see this time and again with complex information or processes, when educating consumers, and when trying to prompt a behavior change. Traditional marketing communications are not sufficient to deliver clear information, guidance, reassurance, and build trust. They actually end up increasing frustration, stress, and confusion.

Most brands have a video strategy which is separate from and limited in its ability to deliver exceptional CX. Current video efforts push static, stale content that does not consider current and future customer needs.  A new category of video does exactly that, offering dynamic, modular content. Video-powered experiences (VX) are next generation video, which is an integral part of any CX strategy. VX is used by major brands to aid consumers at key moments of consequence.

A wide range of video-powered experiences

SundaySky has multiple types of video-powered experiences featuring different levels of individualization. We offer flexibility and customized solutions depending on your goals, communications channel(s), and the available data. Regardless of your choice, the focus is always on providing value and long-term customer relationships by delivering powerful CX and breakthrough outcomes at the points across customer journeys when they matter most.

Creating exceptional CX doesn’t always require access to deep data. The SundaySky Video Experience Platform offers the utmost flexibility to get the most out of what data you have. As part of the CX strategy, there are opportunities to deliver compelling video-powered experiences that suit different levels of data and your brand’s goals. At SundaySky, we see the wide-range of video experiences fitting into several categories:

Individualized: Data Rich

When you have a lot of data, video-powered experiences can utilize it to deliver highly-custom videos. Because they can include information like a consumer’s profile, past transactions and  interactions, and even current behaviors, the reach is targeted to the channels that require secure access like a personal portal, password protected website or mobile app. Individualized video-powered experiences are used in an existing customer’s customer journey since you already have a deep relationship with them. Individualized, personalized videos combine comprehensive data and video to create experiences unique to that individual, and that contain only information that is relevant and meaningful to that person as they’re viewing their video.

Individualized VX in action:

  • For billing: A major telco uses individualized  video-powered experiences delivered at moments of billing confusion to educate and explain charges, reducing frustration and calls to customer support
  • For retention: A major financial services providers launched individualized video-powered experiences to educate existing customers on savings account products, encouraging increases in account contributions

Contextual: Limited Data

For those instances when extensive data is not available—for example, new customers with limited transaction histories—video-experiences based on contextual data are a good choice. Contextual video-powered experiences provide relevant communications by including when the viewer is watching a video and the place/channel where it’s being watched.

Contextual VX in action:

  • For onboarding: A major financial company delivers video experiences during new customer onboarding to provide information on value-added features and services, increasing spend by new clients, adoption of digital tools, and improved NPS.
  • For loyalty programs: A major financial company delivers video experiences to help customers understand loyalty program features and benefits, and how to redeem points, decreasing calls to customer support and encourage further spending to hit higher loyalty tiers.

Dynamic: 1st and 3rd-Party Data Fueled

If you have access to data from several data sources, like offline and publisher data, dynamic video-powered experiences are a strategic solution. Dynamic video-powered experiences are typically delivered to a broader audience as an ad  on publisher sites or social media. Data and automation together create the videos which have few or limited elements of individualization. Instead of being based exclusively on personal data, we use algorithms that choose products, categories, and promotions.

Dynamic VX in action:

  • For retargeting: A major retailer uses dynamic video-powered experiences to attract new customers and reactive lapsed customers, increasing e-commerce and in-store sales
  • For new customers: A major home improvement retailer uses dynamic video-powered experiences to offer product recommendations and digital content, increasing online and in-store traffic and sales.

Interactive: Light Data

When you have access to less data and want to make an impression on a consumer, or provide product awareness, interactive video-powered experiences deliver absorbing and persuasive CX, encouraging consumer engagement. We like to think of these as “choose your own adventure” videos—each viewer interacts with the video, which changes in real-time depending on their selection(s).

Interactive VX in action:

  • For retail: A major retailer uses interactive video-powered experiences to help new store card customers understand the benefits of their card, encouraging usage and providing the retailer with valuable customer data.
  • For payments: A major telco uses interactive video-powered experiences to help consumers set up digital payments, helping increase payment rates and the use of digital tools.

Ultimate flexibility for outstanding CX

SundaySky’s Video Experience Platform has been designed to enable variants depending on context, customer needs, and available resources. Video-powered experiences are a strategic part of any CX journey. That means there are always opportunities to use SundaySky’s video-powered experiences to deliver breakthrough outcomes  and help consumers at moments of consequence.

Let’s talk about your VX strategy.