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Why VX

Video-powered experiences (VX) are at the heart of digital CX strategies
that forge meaningful connections, compel action and change customer behaviors.


Brands have a
CX engagement problem.

Today, businesses prioritize CX, yet the vast majority of them fail to differentiate their CX, leaving customers feeling indifferent about their brand.

This perceived CX sameness coupled with an overabundance of irrelevant ad messages and marketing content has led to consumer disengagement. Disengagement is expensive, for both the brand’s reputation and its bottom line. Today’s digital experiences are missing the mark: customers are uninspired to engage.

Disengaged consumers:
  • Stop paying attention
  • Feel unappreciated
  • Spend less
  • Churn more
  • Costly to serve
  • Ignore messages
  • Likely brand detractors
Engaged consumers:
  • Connect emotionally
  • Forge meaningful relationships
  • Buy more
  • Stay longer
  • Higher lifetime value
  • Take the next-best action
  • Become brand advocates

The engagement drivers consumers demand.

Desperate for CX differentiation, brands must fundamentally transform how they engage with customers. Emotion, ease and effectiveness are the required components of an experience that drives loyalty: customers want helpful information fast and with minimal effort; they can’t be bothered with generic content; and it must be brought to life in a compelling way.

Transforming CX demands a new generation of digital engagement where video leads and strengthens the experience. We call it video-powered experiences.

When VX is central to a digital experience, it evokes positive emotions, simplifies messages for easy consumption, and effectively meets the needs of customers on an individual level. VX breaks through engagement barriers to forge meaningful connections and compels customers to take the next-best action.

CX strategies soar with VX.

It’s a remarkable difference when traditional experiences are transformed by VX at these key moments throughout the customer journey:

VX engages,
educates and

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