With the SundaySky Video Platform, businesses can:

Save time and money with efficient video creation

SundaySky’s Video Platform enables you to quickly produce captivating videos without the traditional costs and skills required for high-quality video production. Our AI-enabled, easy-to-use interface includes content templates, creative themes, configurable animations, advanced text-to-speech narration capabilities, music tracks, sound effects, and more. Create rich, premium content in minutes, not months.

Discover how Copilot, SundaySky’s generative AI assistant facilitates faster and easier video creation

Drive relevance and personalization to capture customer attention

Maximize your existing data investments and put it to work by connecting any data source to deliver personally relevant messages to audiences or individuals for 1:1 personalization. Customize video narration and on-screen text, tailor messages to specific audiences segments, and show or hide specific scenes or assets. Remove your reliance on IT resources but using our simple data connectors.

Scale video across every digital journey

Video is an engagement superstar and when used strategically, it can engage customers at multiple moments and channels within their digital journeys. The SundaySky Video Platform ensures the synchronized delivery of omnichannel videos across owned, paid, and social media channels regardless of device or channel. Share a video via email, SMS/MMS, on your website, in your mobile app, in authenticated portals and through AI chatbots. Paid and social channels include all major programmatic exchanges, as well as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Connected TV/OTT.

Measure customer behavior and actions to distill key insights

SundaySky’s Video Platform reporting equips you to measure and analyze viewer engagement performance to optimize your video strategy. Out-of-the-box video analytics reports and easy-to-customize surveys enable you to measure audience engagement and your video impact on customer understanding and Net Promoter Score.

Optimize video content without the complexity

Experiment with personalized video messaging to easily optimize your content and immediately make changes, keeping your videos relevant and always up-to-date. Extend the shelf-life of your videos by updating media assets and reusing modular scenes to speed time-to-market. Video no longer has to be a linear, static, expensive-to-maintain asset.

 Pre-rendering and hosting millions of videos is simply too expensive and unsustainable for ongoing content updates, video personalization, and performance optimizations. The power of our platform lies within our state-less and storage-less real-time rendering engine, which saves you money on hosting fees and always delivers the most up-to-date content. SundaySky guarantees data security and is SSAE SOC II certified and HIPAA and GDPR compliant.


You’ll feel like an expert even if you’re a beginner. SundaySky equips you to get started fast with video even if you have no idea where to start. Watch this video to see one of the many platform features that lets you hit the ground running with video, then book a demo to see it live in action.

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