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How Businesses of All Sizes Use Video for Next-Generation Customer Experience

Seth Marlowe September 28, 2021
How Businesses of All Sizes Use Video for Next-Generation Customer Experience

The customer experience (CX) is changing and video is at the forefront of communicating and providing value for customer education. Flexible, scalable, and efficient, video is the preferred choice of many leading brands. During our 2021 Virtual Summit Series, some of our CMO and CX customers shared how they’re partnering with SundaySky to create video experiences that keep them at the forefront of their industries while significantly improving digital CX.

Here’s a highlight of what they said: 

REDCON1: Delivering Value Through Video

REDCON1 knows that success rests on relationships. So why, the company leadership asked, are we treating every customer website visit the same?

The fastest-growing supplements brand uses SundaySky’s video creator to produce personalized video experiences that speak to their customers as individuals and provide the unique and value-rich one-to-one personalized relationships that consumers want.

Winning brands prioritize human experience above all, says CMO Ryan Monahan, and video is the only medium that can be personalized and deployed across channels and devices. Modular video empowers any brand of any size to be competitive in their industry, and REDCON1 found video essential for growing, scaling, and nurturing consumer relationships.

“Modular video is a single technological advancement that will become the standard within the next five years. The brands that choose to become early adopters of modular video are the brands that will thrive.” — Ryan Monahan, Chief Marketing Officer at REDCON1

Verizon: Using Video to Answer Questions Before They’re Asked

Providing a customer experience that matches expectations is a big challenge. Whether Verizon customers are shopping for a new device or receiving hardware at their homes, providing the information they need isn’t always easy. Especially if they don’t know what they need. 

By using advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced technologies, the telecom provider can leverage data faster and more accurately than any human can and identify patterns and trends. Verizon uses that data and the SundaySky Video Platform to proactively provide answers and solutions in order to deliver the highest value possible to their customers along every moment of the purchasing, installing, and onboarding journey, and further. 

Video allows Verizon to deliver complex information in an interesting and engaging format. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive—customers tell Verizon that they like their videos and return to them again and again. That adds up to almost 36 million video views per year, and for every video view, a percentage of customer service inquiry phone calls is eliminated—a clear demonstration of video value impact to the business. 

Video is the medium that’s going to be the preferred channel for the next generation from a self-serve standpoint. And when you can build video once and deploy it to many channels, it’s a great thing for the business. As we continue to evolve our personalization, there’s a great opportunity for us to make it incredibly relevant and incredibly personalized.” — Phil Leininger, SVP, Head of Customer Experience at Verizon

Anthem BCBS: Real-Time Video Storytelling Using Data

Reviving the customer experience in healthcare is one of the most critical imperatives for the industry today. Healthcare is one of the most personal and complex issues that consumers face. The customer experience must reflect every individual and their needs, whether they’re 20 years old or a senior. That includes the right content, options, and accessibility, regardless of the device they’re using. 

For Anthem BCBS, this complex and sometimes challenging process is delivered as a positive and simple experience with personalized video. Anthem BCBS uses SundaySky’s interactive video platform to customize the health insurance story for each individual member, from onboarding new members through an introduction to services, consent, and setting up their account or guiding customers through renewals and their choices. 

Anthem continuously refines their video approach in order to provide a better storytelling experience and minimize confusion. The health insurer analyzes how their members are engaging with their videos, how much they are viewing, and how often they repeat view so that they can refine and improve the experience with each iteration. 

This agile approach to video optimization results in very positive responses to the insurer’s videos. In fact, the onboarding videos are the highest-rated experience for new members. 

“It’s really real-time storytelling based on data. The more we connect our systems and bring together the individual’s data stream, the better our ability to interpret and anticipate what they want, and deliver bang-up storytelling in compelling visual mediums.” — Andrew Mackenzie,  Chief Marketing Officer at Anthem BCBS

Select Blinds: Video to Address Customer Pain Points 

Select Blinds has grown from a scrappy start-up to a leading direct-to-customer (DTC) player in the home furnishing industry. But founder and CMO Rick Steele realized that their customer experience had plateaued as the business grew. 

The DTC business wanted to find a new way to communicate with prospective and returning customers, answer their questions, and engage them along every step during a buying process that can sometimes take months. They needed to manage different conversations for different buyer journeys to address pain points completely, and provide each a personalized experience.

The SundaySky Video Platform allows Select Blinds to scale into different channels and have a conversation with customers when and where it’s needed. The company is able to turn every customer question into an opportunity for video engagement to create a relationship. Using SundaySky’s video creator The Editor empowers Select Blinds to create dynamic video experiences quickly and efficiently, that are easy to scale and that amplify its marketing team to do more with less. 

Video gives us the ability to actually have a very intelligent conversation with customers on a one-to-one basis, the same type of conversation we would have if they called and asked to speak to an expert at our company. There’s no better way you can show a customer that you care about their time than to be able to address their questions quickly.” — Rick Steele, Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Select Blinds

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