How to Build an Effective Video Landing Page That Drives Action

Roy Alter October 14, 2021
How to Build an Effective Video Landing Page That Drives Action

Content marketing is based on trust and creating long-term relationships by providing valuable and interesting information to potential customers. As businesses continue elevating user experiences online, it is more important than ever to actively engage current and potential customers through video, while acknowledging the experience doesn’t start and end there. As a result, video has become a building block of customer sales journeys. 

Compelling video content ignites emotional cues and can drive desired behavior change among customers. With a well-designed video landing page, businesses can keep the viewer’s attention in mind and get to the point faster in a conversational form that speaks to your customer’s needs. 

Recent statistics provide data on the growing popularity and effectiveness of video content. For example, the Content Marketing Institute’s findings from both its B2B and B2C research for 2020 show that 71% of B2B marketers use video marketing, and 66% of B2C marketers use video marketing. Viewers claim they retain 95% of a message when obtained via video, which leads to the statistic that, 88% of marketers are committed to devoting more dollars to video campaigns in the future.

What are video landing pages?

A video landing page is a standalone web page with an embedded video designed to encourage visitors to learn about a product or service and then take action. Video landing pages feature a video as the page’s centerpiece or include text and other rich media to convince visitors to learn from, buy from, or utilize your business or services.

How can a video landing page be leveraged to engage potential customers? They can be educational, functional, and entertaining. If you sustain your audience’s attention, you will increase the likelihood of converting them into paying customers. There are several ways to leverage video landing pages for your business, including:

  • Welcoming new users: Create a welcome video message to begin an onboarding process or welcome new subscribers who have not had time to explore your website yet. Direct-to-consumer online brand, 1-800-Contacts delivers a personalized video and landing page for members to help them understand their new prescription package. Check it out below:

  • Share a special offer deal: Create different versions of the same video and link different customer segments.

Why you need to invest in your video landing page

Investing in a video landing page takes some time and practice. However, developing a landing page with video can boost business conversions significantly. Another reason to use video in landing pages is that it keeps visitors on your site longer. If your video is appealing and relevant to your target audience, it will “connect” with viewers while encouraging them to stay on your site. The longer visitors stay on your site, the greater the chance of them buying your product or service.

Videos are also often shared by viewers, especially when the video is compelling and engaging. For example, suppose someone visits your landing page and likes your video. That person may share your video on social media, drawing even more attention and traffic to your landing page, resulting in more conversions.

How much digital video do we consume? Digital video consumption is currently 77 minutes per day for an average U.S. adult. That number is expected to increase to 80 minutes by 2023.

What type of videos should you use for a landing page?

People like to see products or services in action before they invest their time or money. Adding video to a website landing page allows you to show your target audience exactly how they will benefit from your product or service. The most common use cases for video landing pages include:

  • Explainer videos: Tell viewers what they need to know about your product or offer in a short, easy-to-digest format. They typically focus on a specific topic and how the company uniquely addresses these concerns and provides people with info about the benefits and distinct features of the product or service.  Below is an example from Anthem, that helps its members understand how to renew their health benefits.

  • Product demonstration video: If you have an exciting new product and you want to get the word out quickly, an innovative product demo video is a targeted way to bring excitement to your customers. You can walk viewers through each stage of your product or service in a video and show them exactly how it works.
  • Testimonials: What better way for potential customers to learn about your products or services than by hearing firsthand from loyal customers? Testimonials are effective methods for building trust and awareness. Business owners or CEOs are also excellent candidates for an on-camera appearance to help generate business buzz directly to customers.
  • New product awareness: Email campaigns bring potential customers to websites for special sales during the holiday gift-buying season or for a new product. An individualized video landing page increases the chance of a customer engaging with the email, the video, and ultimately, utilizing the business.

Creating video landing pages

Creating a video landing page takes thoughtful planning. How can you go about creating a successful video landing page that engages, entertains, and converts? When developing your video landing page, consider the customer journey: how the viewer will get to your page, what they will watch when they arrive, and how that experience will convert into a successful sale or lead. Some important aspects that apply to video landing page production includes:

  • Identify one goal: A video landing page should stay focused on one well-defined and executed goal. For example, your goal could be for people to sign up for an upcoming webinar, fill out a survey,  or purchase an item. Stay on course with one goal to keep the video message focused.
  • Have a clear call-to-action (CTA): A CTA is important within a video because it speaks to a specific action you would like your customers to accomplish. Additionally, it gives your video focus and movement.
  • Brand recognition and security: Create video content on your page that clearly recognizes your brand. Viewers should understand that your video content isn’t an advertisement or spam, but something made for them. This adds value to your product or service, and ensures your viewers feel secure consuming your content .
  • Understand the viewer experience and find an emotional connection: Think about your video landing page’s user experience (UX).  How can you help customers navigate your website easily and take advantage of video content? Will they be able to take the actions suggested in the video right from that page? Use emotional cues to connect with customers and “speak” directly to them.
  • Test and learn with an agile approach: Updating a video landing page in frequent iterations by using data and insights tells you what is working and effective on the page and what is not. 

Next, take your purposeful planning and bring your video landing page to life with a video creator that is easy to use and packed with features. SundaySky’s user-friendly, robust video creator helps you develop performance-driven video experiences. Intuitive interfaces develop effective video landing pages from video development solutions. These include pre-configured video templates with scenes, sounds, text, images, CTAs, colors, and fonts to get video landing pages up and running quickly. It also gives you the ability to develop your marketing brand voice to designed pages, alongside unique experiences tailored to your viewer. Performance results are then gathered and analyzed, so you can go back and generate the next set of variations until the best performing set is established.

How do you increase trust using video marketing? Be authentic, honest, and transparent. Create video content that is interesting and appropriately targeted to audience expectations.

Ways to make your landing page videos more effective

Effective video landing page design incorporates best practices of both practical and creative elements. It creates a total user experience. Combined with personalization technology, you can generate a powerful video landing page that brings in customers and consistent business. Here are some best practices for making your landing page videos more effective: 

  • Optimal video length: Keep videos short and to the point. It shows potential customers that you value their time and that your video is worth engaging. Also, be transparent and keep video play-time visible, so viewers know what to expect with their time investment.
  • Optimal video “size”: This is how much space the video should take up on the webpage. Videos with key information should have the biggest focus. In addition, it is important to optimize videos for different devices, including mobile and desktop.
  • Use animation to explain complex topics: A video landing page video is the perfect opportunity to explain complex services or solutions in simpler terms. Animation can convey context and emphasis more creatively than text.
  • “Press play” instead of “Autoplay”: Allowing a video to automatically play as soon as people visit your landing page can be jarring. Viewers may not be ready to watch a video as soon as your landing page appears. Instead, give potential customers the power to watch your video on their terms.
  • Include captions: Not everyone watching videos prefers to hear audio. Some physically can not, and others purposefully watch videos muted with captions while in a public space. By accommodating viewers who need to “read” your video, you provide a better user experience, potentially generating more conversions.
  • Test the videos: Video A/B testing is helpful to track and improve results. State a hypothesis, create two versions of the page, and track the results. You can check the effectiveness of the video thumbnail, placement, and content of the video, and experiment with the length and the size.

A video increases trust because it humanizes your business. Whatever your goal, a compelling video landing page persuades visitors that your business is the best fit, converting that belief into leads or sales, and ultimately supports your customers’ journey and potential long-term relationships. SundaySky’s platform for interactive video with after effects is your first step towards achieving your business goals.