Customer Case Study


Rick Steele, Founder at Select Blinds, discusses how dynamic video is reimagining the custom blinds shopping experience. Select Blinds meets buyers with compelling and contextually relevant video experiences throughout the buying journey. SundaySky helped Select Blinds extend the scale and velocity of existing brand assets to support the customer experience across paid and owned media channels to engage prospective buyers, re-engage lapsed buyers and compel them to purchase. Download the full Select Blind’s customer story.


‚ÄúCustomers have to be helped through the process of understanding that they can install their own blinds. SundaySky lets us build ridiculous amounts of scenes so we can differentiate on a customer-by-customer basis and meet all those customers needs during the process. The platform allows you to amplify teams to create more powerful collisions with customers.”

Founder & Former CMO, Select Blinds


Personally and contextually relevant video engages customers to buy more, stay longer and tell their friends. Schedule a demo to see how SundaySky can transform your customer experience and your bottom line.

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