SundaySky Summit 2021: Exciting Innovations in Video Creation

Rachel Eisenhauer September 22, 2021
SundaySky Summit 2021: Exciting Innovations in Video Creation

SundaySky’s 2021 Summit Series was held virtually but the learnings and experiences shared showed the real value of connecting with customers. Along with our clients and partners, we examined the current state of customer experience (CX), digital marketing, consumer-brand relationships, and how to solve marketers’ and brands’ biggest concerns. 

Meet The Editor: Addressing the Current State of Customer Disengagement with Our New Video Creator Tool

We all know there’s a problem with customer disengagement, and it’s a problem that’s only growing. There are more demands on our time and attention than ever. Then came the pandemic, and life changed—in some ways permanently. It was a paradigm shift, and, very suddenly, the normal no longer worked.

According to IBM, U.S. retail hit e-commerce levels not expected until 2025. Digital immediately went from nice-to-have to necessary, especially for laggard industries like online grocery shopping. Brands found they had to think holistically about CX, and re-examined how they’d been using digital channels to reach customers.

Consumers see from 4,000 to 10,000 ads and marketing messages every single day. So given what we’ve already laid out above, they’re understandably picky about where they’re going to focus their attention. 

For brands, it’s tough to stand out. One reason is that they’re using the same marketing platforms and solutions. That means they’re often delivering the same experience to customers as their competition. Consumers turn off because these experiences are repetitive, don’t explain value sufficiently, and don’t speak to their needs. This is what Forrester senior analyst Nick Barber calls “digital sameness,” and it’s a big factor in customer digital disengagement.

The only solution is to deliver an experience that is unique, captivating, and offers value. According to Forbes, the average user spends 88% more time on websites that include video. This echoes our own data: in the past year, SundaySky viewer engagement has increased by over 12% per video viewed. This tells us where consumers are choosing to direct their precious time and attention.

But marketers are stretched thin, and don’t always have the expertise or in-house resources to create the marketing campaigns they want. Those campaigns are relevant, easily scalable, and—crucially—include video, the most powerful medium, and the one customers crave. They need technology that can do much of the work for them. 

That’s why we developed a hands-on and intuitive video creator: The Editor. It’s the newest addition to the SundaySky Video Platform to help businesses of any size create, deliver, and optimize their own unique and scalable video experiences.

REDCON1: An Early Adopter of Modular Video and SundaySky’s Editor for Video Creation

REDCON1, a sports nutrition brand, is growing at a fast pace, and they’re now in over 80 countries. But along the way, they became concerned that they’d lost touch with their customers. They were treating each the same, whether they were already established customers or new, first timers.

CMO Ryan Monahan knew they needed to communicate differently to each customer, offer different information, provide value, and solve their needs for that moment in time. Instead of thinking about moving product, they wanted to refocus on developing relationships and offering value with each interaction. 

Modular video content was the solution because of its high engagement and problem-solving capabilities. The company is an early user of The Editor video creator tool. It enables REDCON1 to create individual relationships with its customers through data-driven video and dynamic video templates. The tool is easy to learn and simple to use. If you can use PowerPoint, says CMO Ryan Monahan, you can easily pick up The Editor. 

“It was through video and SundaySky that we were able to change the conversation and create a one-on-one personalized relationship,” says Monahan. “If we rethink the importance of video, not as an elective, but as an essential for growing, scaling and nurturing our consumer relationships, we’re now able to compete against the biggest customer experience brands because we have the ability to show each customer that they matter, that we’re willing to take the time beyond just transactions to create value that changes their lives,” he says.

Watch REDCON1 CMO Ryan Monahan’s video testimonial here:

The Editor: How it’s Changing the Game for Video Experiences

The Editor: SundaySky’s new video creation tool enables businesses of all shapes and sizes to create performance-driven experiences without any video expertise. 

It’s designed to be intuitive and easy to use, and adaptable to different needs and campaigns. It contains a library of pre-built industry solutions and dynamic video templates to take the guesswork out of creating engaging, high-quality video without previous video experience. It has all the tools for marketers to quickly build modular videos from a starting point, but brands can also create from scratch as well. With either approach, all video experiences can be configured to match brand elements, including logos, colors, and fonts. Marketers can now quickly create unique, personalized experiences for every individual viewer.

A single video template can create an infinite amount of videos on demand, with the flexibility to serve different audiences and different needs. Changes are easy to make, and videos are quickly published on paid and owned channels and use real-time data as they play.

The platform analyzes video performance and uses artificial intelligence to gather insights and maximize the impact of each video to drive the results and behaviors brands want. 

SundaySky is always looking for new and innovative ways to help businesses surprise and delight their customers, and create experiences that win them loyalty for life. We’re happy to offer The Editor as a new tool for marketers, video teams, and brands of any size to create amazing video experiences.

See The Editor in action and watch this video for a demo of SundaySky’s new video creator tool: 

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