SundaySky’s solutions for healthcare payers encompass a range of touchpoints, from initial onboarding to education and retention, supporting members, and sharing information and value with them along the way. Engaging members with powerful personalized videos reduces care costs and disenrollment rates, and increases customer satisfaction.

Welcome & Onboarding

SmartVideo is an engaging and effective way for healthcare payers to proactively welcome new members while reassuring them that they made a good choice. The result is new member care cost reduction, a measurable increase in adoption of online services, disenrollment rate reduction, and a positive new member experience.
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Billing & Customer Care

SmartVideo offers a personalized level of digital engagement that relieves the complexity associated with explanation of benefit statements by presenting only the most important information in an easily digestible manner. The result is statement-related care cost reduction, increased brand engagement through adoption of value-added resources, and a great overall member experience.
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Results you can expect

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