Customer Case Study


Rent-A-Center, the nation’s largest rent-to-own operator, chose SundaySky to improve the customer rental experience and agreement process through personalized video, aiming to boost its web NPS and overall customer retention. By transitioning multiple pages of rental agreement documents into easy-to-digest, 2.5-minute ultra-personalized videos for each customer. Using SundaySky’s Video Platform, Rent-A-Center was able to create, personalize, update and distribute videos in less than a three-month time frame, including a national launch after a successful 2-week proof of concept pilot.

“Since the pandemic, we’ve significantly grown our online presence and needed a digital component to engage, inform and improve the customer experience. With SundaySky, we executed on that need in rapid time and without the need of traditional video production methods. In turn, our NPS is showing early signs of improvement for online customers as is first payment non-renewal now that we’ve found a medium and platform to better explain the transaction.”

VP, Marketing at Rent-A-Center


You’ll feel like an expert even if you’re a beginner. SundaySky equips you to get started fast with video even if you have no idea where to start, so you can hit the ground running. Schedule a demo to see it live in action.

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