Customer Case Study


The member-only warehouse club is focused on providing the best possible customer experience to acquire and retain their members–including providing personalized digital communications. 

BJ’s chose the SundaySky Video Platform to provide hyper-relevant educational messaging to complement the retailer’s existing CX strategy. BJ’s efficiently created five key videos–each embedded at critical moments along the member’s journey–that align to specific acquisition and retention goals. Utilizing existing creative and media assets, the retailer builds flexible, dynamic scenes that are repurposed across touchpoints for a cost-effective and strategic use of video to enhance their member experience. 

VIDEO ENGAGEMENT FOR LASTING LOYALTY  Driving digital tool adoption and annual renewals are two critical actions that ensure member retention and higher customer lifetime value. Personalized video drives engagement by conveying specific value members received through their BJ’s relationship.


Without breaking the bank. For the cost of a single traditionally produced video, SundaySky is a cost-efficient alternative to the legacy production model. Schedule a demo to see the power of the SundaySky Video Platform for yourself.

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