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Make online shopping an event. Leading online retailers transform customer acquisition with video-powered experiences (VX) via owned and paid media channels, growing shopper loyalty, and customer lifetime value.

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Authentic Results for Retail Brands

SundaySky’s innovative approach to video experiences in a personal way allows us to be more relevant and more connected to our shopper base. The performance we’ve achieved is significant.

Milton Pappas EVP, Chief Digital Officer at RTW Retailwinds
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Raise Brand Awareness

Be known, inspire confidence, and build trust. Video-powered experiences deliver brand differentiation and unique selling points to shoppers one-to-one at moments of discovery and exploration. Help prospective customers recognize your brand’s value and align your interests with contextual and dynamic customer experience solutions like video-powered experiences.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Increase brand recall
  • Increase quality traffic to website
  • Increase customer awareness for initial consideration
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Convert Shoppers

Guide moments of purchasing with dynamic, data-driven video advertisements that ease buying decisions and inspire retail shoppers to return again and again. Customer experience solutions like video-powered experiences actively answer their needs and wants, providing shoppers with relevant information that resonates to turn each visit into an add-to-cart event.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase site and store traffic
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Enhance the Customer Experience

Make the entire retail shopping journey full of excitement and fun. Immersive and interactive video-powered experiences connect consumers across your digital channels, create memorable shopping experiences, and engender return visits and higher spending.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Improve customer experience and Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Increase lifetime shopper value
  • Improve customer engagement and brand loyalty
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Inspire Customer Loyalty

Show customers you care at key moments of choice and consideration. Our personalized customer experience solution provides relevant information, tailored offers, loyalty and rewards details, and value-added services. Customers will show their appreciation of individualized content by making your brand their essential shopping site.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Increase customer loyalty program adoption and engagement
  • Increase digital adoption
  • Increase revenue per shopper

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