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Healthcare needn’t be complex. Video-powered experiences (VX) are the prescription of choice for leading healthcare payers to enhance and transform CX management and engagement at key moments throughout the healthcare member’s journey.

0% reduction in call center volume
0% lift in active open enrollment
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Authentic Results with CX Management for Healthcare Organizations

We are using video-powered experiences to help make a very complicated experience simple. SundaySky’s platform gives us the flexibility to configure video content at scale and organize topical scenes together, and the workflow simplicity helps us maintain speed to market in our various initiatives.

Kelley Thomes Ries VP Marketing, Strategy & Member Onboarding at UnitedHealthcare
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Prepare Members for Open Enrollment

Be a trusted guide throughout a complex process. Video-powered experiences help health insurance companies usher members through open enrollment by providing pertinent information at moments of decisions when it’s needed most. Assist in first-time enrollment decisions, and gain members who re-enroll year after year with SundaySky’s Video Platform

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Reduce call volume related to open enrollment
  • Increase digital plan enrollment
  • Increase digital tool adoption
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Welcome & Onboard Members

Facilitate each new plan member’s entry into your healthcare community. CX management with video-powered experiences simplifies and clarifies onboarding for new members. Individualized experiences that extend a warm welcome at moments of introduction helps members make the most of their plans and lays the foundation for mutually beneficial relationships.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Reduce call volume and new member care costs
  • Increase online service adoption
  • Improve member satisfaction
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Simplify Explanation of Benefits

Empower healthcare plan members with knowledge. Video-powered experiences provide the education and intelligence members need to understand plan benefits and encourage digital resources use for efficiency. Answer common questions and respond with essential information at educational and discovery moments to form productive and thriving business outcomes.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Statement-related care cost reduction
  • Increase engagement through adoption of value-added resources
  • Improve overall member experience
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Answer Claims & Healthcare Coverage Questions

Everyone needs help every now and then. Eliminate stress and confusion during the healthcare claims process with CX management and video-powered experiences that guide members through billing and costs. Empower members with the knowledge that encourages funding and using health savings accounts, helping members plan for a healthy future.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Increase member satisfaction by reducing financial surprises
  • Reduce call volume by addressing top call drivers
  • Increase digital engagement

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