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SundaySky makes video for growing brands easier than ever. Whether you’re a marketer that’s never worked with video or a video expert, our platform offers a customer engagement solution that helps your organization shift video from a linear static asset to a scalable, performance-driven strategy on any channel.

0% below cost per visit benchmark
0% lift in email conversions
0% above average order value benchmark
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SundaySky lets us compartmentalize messages so we can differentiate by the customer and lets us meet all those customer needs throughout the process.

Rick Steele Founder and CMO at SelectBlinds
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Drive differentiated brand awareness

Direct-to-consumer marketing activates data-driven and dynamic video advertising experiences that differentiate brand messaging, engage shoppers, and compel them to purchase. Customers like Lamps Plus jump-start their video-led customer engagement strategy using SundaySky’s Video Platform to rapidly deliver video experiences while optimizing creative and messaging per audience type.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • Double digital creative cost savings per campaign
  • 85% below cost per visit benchmark
  • 47% lift in incremental site visits
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Acquire New Customers with Audience-based Messaging

Deliver video experiences in programmatic, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and CTV environments that are unique to each shopper. Engage targeted audiences with personalized ads that drive desired behaviors that align to measurable business outcomes like online sales and in-store traffic.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • 45% lift in incremental conversions
  • 7X above ROAS benchmark
  • 40% reduction in cost per acquisition
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Re-engage Lapsed Customers

Shoppers that have displayed intent and shared their email but have not converted deserve compelling video-powered experiences to re-engage and convert them. Customers like SelectBlinds use a video experience delivered via email to re-engage cart abandoners, newsletter subscribers, and other prospects.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • 37% lift in email acquisition
  • 40% lift in incremental revenue
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Whether a  customer just purchased from your brand for the first time or third time, capitalize on the momentum as an opportunity to build rapport and demonstrate your brand’s value.  Communicate value-added details like how to set up recurring shipments, customer service options, call attention to online communities and encourage the use of digital tools that maximize product usage.

Video Experience Outcomes:

  • 99% positive survey response
  • Increase NPS
  • Increase customer lifetime value

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