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Configurable Creative

Out-of-the-box dynamic
video templates

More than ever customers crave emotional connections with brands. This means a greater emphasis on delivering relevant, engaging experiences and there is no better medium than video. As a marketer, this makes your job harder than ever; you lack the time, resources, and budget to truly execute video at scale. With that in mind, we took our expertise with Fortune 50 brands and packaged it up into industry-specific templates that help quickly and easily modify video elements, without extra days or costs of traditional video production. 

0x Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
0 point increase in Net Promoter Score
0% reduction in call center volume

“Customers can use our expertise, baked into our new configurable solutions, to move quickly and eliminate guesswork from video production or other creative workflows while further scaling personally relevant and dynamic video experiences.”

Jim Dicso CEO, SundaySky

Start from Pre-Configured Scene Libraries

Configurable Creative is built from a pre-defined library of topical scenes based on the industry. Scenes are crafted around specific messages or KPIs that are important for your customers to understand like an item’s price and availability or plan details. 


Pre-defined libraries for any industry:

  • Retail, Grocery, Direct-To-Consumer
  • Healthcare, Insurance
  • Financial Services, Retail Banking
  • Telecommunications

Get up and Running Quickly with Pre-Configured Stories

Scenes are shared across multiple moments in the customer experience and can be configured to tell different stories and support different levels of personalization based on the viewer profile, channel, and customer journey. Start with our pre-configured stories or mix and match scenes to create your own. 

Common Stories Per Industry:

  • Grocery Retail: Weekly Circular, Retargeting
  • Retail: Retargeting, Prospecting, Loyalty
  • Healthcare: Pre-enrollment, Onboarding, Digital Education
  • Banking: Onboarding, Card Activation, Upsell
  • Telecommunications: Welcome, Billing, Installation

Match your Brand Needs with Agile and Flexible Scenes

Scenes start with pre-defined elements for text, image, voiceover, music, and videos and allow marketers the flexibility to easily configure the look and feel and content of the video with color, font, text, images, and video. Marketers have the option of starting with no data and evolving the scenes to be individualized as data becomes available. 

Creative Freedom:

  • Match the theme of the video to your brand guidelines
  • Configure on screen text, images, videos and narration
  • Leverage optional data elements to personalize text and images

Why SundaySky?

EXPERTISE: We’ve taken our best practices gleaned from years of working with the world’s largest brands, combined with the digital experiences we know your customers want to create out-of-the-box solutions.

SPEED TO MARKET: Video solutions you need to further your CX, faster (in as little as 4 weeks) while investing in a platform that scales for your business.

INVESTMENT: 2x the cost of one static video asset for 10x ROI.

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