SundaySky Launches Self-Service Video Offerings for Turnkey Customer Experiences from Brands of Any Size

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SundaySky Launches Self-Service Video Offerings for Turnkey Customer Experiences from Brands of Any Size

Rachel Eisenhauer June 07, 2021
SundaySky Launches Self-Service Video Offerings for Turnkey Customer Experiences from Brands of Any Size

VX leader releases new platform capabilities to streamline video creation, editing for all channels, now including Shopify.

NEW YORK, June 8, 2021SundaySky, the leading platform for video-powered experiences, today announced the launch of its self-service Editor solution, which allows digital marketers to easily create and modify video experiences (VX) without the technical expertise, time and costs of traditional video production. Brands across retail, banking, healthcare, financial services and other industries have the option to start video experiences from industry-specific templates or from scratch in a self-service editing platform, reducing the barrier of entry for digital marketers to create compelling content at scale. SundaySky also extended its platform channel reach with a new Shopify app, which provides Shopify stores with the power to deploy dynamic and personalized video advertisements that differentiate their brand and drive store revenue. Now, digital marketers serving small businesses to enterprises can compose video experiences that augment the customer experience with the speed and agility required to maintain a competitive advantage.

Today’s digital marketers are facing challenges with data friction, lack of creative assets and short campaign shelf life, making it more difficult to deeply engage with their customers while driving ROI at scale. The new self-service Editor takes the guesswork out of how to get started with pre-built solutions based on SundaySky’s years of expertise in data-driven, dynamic VX across customer journeys and digital channels. VX improves customer acquisition, education, onboarding, cross-selling, satisfaction and other dimensions of the digital experience. 

“Bespoke video-powered experiences have completely redefined the paradigm of engaging digital customer experiences. Before partnering with SundaySky, it was difficult to ensure our videos kept up with our evolving offerings and consumer behavior without dramatic increases in operational expenses,” said Ryan Monahan, chief marketing officer of REDCON1 and a SundaySky customer. “We’ve been extremely successful in strategically using video to build and nurture true consumer relationships through personalized videos on an individual basis, and the platform automated the entire process without any technical production on our part to deliver these remarkable and memorable experiences at scale. SundaySky’s video experiences have far surpassed our other digital engagement methods in conversions, and will help us continue to expand our business internationally.”

SelectBlinds, for example, leverages SundaySky’s platform to acquire new shoppers. Using VX individualized to each viewer and delivered through email and programmatic advertising, SelectBlinds guides consumers on how to measure and self-install window treatments, which are common friction points in the path to purchase. The holistic lifecycle-focused programs achieved a 37% lift in email conversions and a 20% above-average order value increase. 

Marketers can ensure their video content is always fresh and relevant by using SundaySky’s platform to treat video as modular, easy-to-rearrange scenes or to modify video elements like text, images, font and color for new campaigns.

“Established Fortune 500 brands like Staples, UnitedHealthcare, Verizon and Bank of America have found that video-powered experiences engage consumers with highly relevant and compelling content that inspire consumers to take action at scale,” said Jim Dicso, CEO of SundaySky. “So, we created an easy-to-use solution that leverages expertise we’ve gathered from leading brands, to empower more marketers to easily create emotionally intelligent video at scale. Now, brands can avoid the hours and costs of traditional video production while activating customer data and optimizing performance.” 

With SundaySky’s new Editor, nimble brands can create video experiences with speed and agility. Marketers can see SundaySky’s self-service Editor in action live during the SundaySky Summit Series on June 16, 2021. To learn more about how video-powered experiences can accelerate market opportunities, visit SundaySky.

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