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MarTech Interview with Jim Dicso, CEO at SundaySky

Apryl Casale August 05, 2021
MarTech Interview with Jim Dicso, CEO at SundaySky

In order to ensure that video marketing efforts are optimized with measurable ROI processes, marketers need to keep a few things in mind; Jim Dicso, CEO at SundaySky has some tips. 

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  1. learn more about how SundaySky helps companies of all sizes deliver video experiences.
  2. read successful examples of B2B and B2C video experience applications across the customer journey.
  3. hear what technologies marketers are using to boost online interaction and interest.
  4. explore video marketing best practices.
  5. discover Martech and marketing trends that will shape the future.
  6. understand what CEOs and CMOs should keep in mind for the rest of 2021.

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