SundaySky Launches Configurable Video Solutions for Better Healthcare, Financial and Banking Customer Experiences

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SundaySky Launches Configurable Video Solutions for Better Healthcare, Financial and Banking Customer Experiences

Apryl Casale February 16, 2021
SundaySky Launches Configurable Video Solutions for Better Healthcare, Financial and Banking Customer Experiences

Video-powered experience leader makes modular production easy for vertical markets to create richer and more engaging customer experiences

February 16, 2021–NEW YORK, NY–SundaySky, the leading platform for video-powered experiences, today announced the expansion of its configurable video offering to healthcare payers, retirement services and retail banking brands. SundaySky’s configurable video solutions empowers digital marketers to use industry-specific templates, content topics and creative themes to quickly and easily modify video elements without the time and costs of traditional video production. As a result, digital marketers can onboard, educate and engage customers through dynamic video experiences at scale, which helps reduce customer service call volume and related costs while improving customer experience (CX), loyalty and brand impact.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused healthcare providers to face new challenges to engage patients through the growth of telemedicine and the decline of office visits. Additionally, people swiftly changed their banking habits to digital approaches, despite their preferences for learning about new services in person. In a recent consumer survey conducted by in collaboration with SundaySky, more than half of consumers feel that information on their financial institution’s websites is irrelevant to their needs. About one-third of consumers were interested in using video for learning purposes, and 72% of them would switch to financial institutions that provide rich media video content. SundaySky’s new configurable video capabilities ensure healthcare and financial institutions can easily educate and engage customers to take proactive steps for the future. Healthcare and financial marketers can use configurable video to easily swap out and rearrange scenes or modify video elements like text, images, font and color, which streamlines production, reduces costs, saves time and scales video across the organization.

“Financial services and healthcare are riddled with complexity that confuses customers. Especially after the tumultuous year we’ve all just had, consumers need an easier way to engage with brands, and businesses must find ways to digitize getting those human connections at scale,” said David Edelman, executive advisor and former chief marketing officer for Aetna, a SundaySky customer. “SundaySky’s platform brings marketing leaders industry expertise to help build better digital customer experiences, and then enables them to accelerate their use of video content as part of their digital transformation. The simplicity of SundaySky’s workflow makes it easy to quickly inject video experiences across markets, customer journeys, audience segments, digital channels and more, helping to build trust with customers and guiding them to adopt digital behaviors.”

Welcoming, educating and onboarding customers is key to set the tone for healthcare and financial relationships. Disengaged customers can also be costly if they don’t take advantage of the brand’s recommended digital actions or content made more consumable and interactive when delivered by video. Configurable creative solutions allow marketers to create digital experiences from scratch or use video templates out-of-the-box for the best engagement. These video experiences improve customer education for the services and tools they can access, which increases usage in lieu of in-person engagement or other channels.

“In a digital-centric environment, brands look to video as the best medium to deliver educational and engaging customer experiences while simplifying confusing information,” said Jim Dicso, chief executive officer of SundaySky. “Our new configurable solutions give brands our unmatched expertise from working with the top healthcare and financial service leaders at their fingertips, paired with tailored video templates to eliminate content guesswork and help any brand master dynamic video experiences at scale to start to close the consumer engagement gap.”

With the SundaySky platform enhancements and release of configurable industry solutions, nimble brands can create video experiences with speed and agility, helping to save time and connect with customers without extra production costs traditionally associated with video. To learn more about how video-powered experiences can accelerate market opportunities, visit SundaySky’s Configurable Creative page.

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