Why Delivery Channels Matter for SmartVideo Success [Infographic]

Tony Kyberd May 07, 2013
Why Delivery Channels Matter for SmartVideo Success [Infographic]

I recently joined SundaySky as Head of Customer Success, to support our customers with the strategic delivery of their performance-focused SmartVideo programs. I was excited to join the team at a time when SmartVideo is disrupting the video and customer lifecycle space. The team is motivated and super smart, plus I get to work with the most recognized brands who are totally invested in building the most engaging and impactful customer engagement experiences.

Right away, I recognized the channel by which you deliver SmartVideo is as important as the video content itself. SmartVideo delivery follows the age-old conundrum of the tree falling in the word: If a SmartVideo is delivered and no one views it, is it effective? This is precisely why the channel or trigger you take to deliver your SmartVideos is key in the impact they will return.

In the past, we’ve shared best practice tips for delivering SmartVideo via webpages, email, and pre-roll ads, and today I’d like to share some key finding from Part 2 of our SmartVideo Index: In Brief. These data gems, collected across all live customer programs, should serve as a guiding tool in evaluating SmartVideo performance and benchmarks by various delivery channels. (And if you missed it, yesterday we revealed Part 1, a snapshot of consumption stats to date.)

One trend that’s emerged in the last six months is SmartVideo delivered via two or more channels. This manner of multiple channels allows for consumer viewing preference, ultimately lifting engagement rates such as average completion and in-video call-to-action clicks. Brands recognize the importance of customer communication preferences, are maximizing the use of every appropriate channel for customer engagement, and realize greater engagement and performance results when delivering SmartVideos via more than one channel. Check out the top metrics and our infographic below on SmartVideo Consumption by Delivery Channel.

  1. 1 in 4 visitors that encounter a webpage with a SmartVideo click to play it on average. (Tweet this stat!)
  2. SmartVideos on webpages have an average watch length of 117 seconds, 2.7X longer than a video with a “one to many” message. (Tweet this stat!)
  3. SmartVideo pre-roll ads have a 2% video click-through rate, 20X higher than display ads, 8X higher than rich media, and 2X higher than other video ads. (Tweet this stat!A compelling call-to-action is a recommended best practice for maximizing viewer engagement and delivering business results.

  4. “Personalized video” in the email subject line averages 46% open rates, 3.5X greater than emails with just “video” in the subject line. (Tweet this stat!)
  5. SmartVideo programs delivered by one channel average 13% video CTA click-through rate and 56% completion rate. (Tweet this stat!)
  6. Higher video engagement rates occur when SmartVideo is delivered via two channels, averaging 24% video CTA click-through rate and 70% completion rate. (Tweet this stat!)

SmartVideo Index Part 2 - Delivery Channels