A Snapshot of SmartVideo Consumption [Infographic]

Rachel Eisenhauer May 07, 2013
A Snapshot of SmartVideo Consumption [Infographic]

Last month, we reached a milestone mark of 100 million SmartVideo views since our first video was generated back in 2009. This week, we are publishing “The SmartVideo Index: In Brief,” a three-part infographic that shares a snapshot of where SmartVideo stands today, collected from 40 programs across 38 brands within 5 industries.

SundaySky generates five SmartVideos every second, and, thus, a uniquely rich set of video interaction data across two axes: engagement and performance. This inaugural Index is designed to serve as a guiding tool to support brands in evaluating performance and other dynamics of their SmartVideo programs, and in maximizing return on investment. This three-part blog series will reveal relationships between video consumption trends, customer engagement funnel metrics, and KPI benchmarks.

Though dynamics differ between industries, brands across industries are realizing the value of delivering one-to-one, highly personalized messages to their customers with video, as we’ve seen view volume grow significantly, as well as strong video engagement across the board. Below are the top metrics and stats from The SmartVideo Index: In Brief – Part 1, followed by the infograph.

  1. 100 million SmartVideos viewed, and 20% in the last quarter alone. (Tweet this stat!)
  2. In Q1 2013, SmartVideo views peaked on weekday afternoons at 30,000 views per hour. (Tweet this stat!)
  3. Almost a quarter of SmartVideo views are from mobile devices. (Tweet this stat!)
  4. In Q1 alone, SmartVideos delivered more than 111,000 total brand hours, equivalent to almost 13 years of brand engagement with a highly targeted and relevant audience. (Tweet this stat!)
    Brand engagement hours are a significant SmartVideo metric because videos that are personalized and contextually relevant to the viewer offer a deeper and more memorable level of engagement.

  5. SmartVideo view volume grew significantly in the telecommunications industry at a rate of 182%. (Tweet this stat!)
  6. SmartVideo views continue to grow in the ecommerce industry, at 97% growth rate. (Tweet this stat!)
  7. The travel industry sees high SmartVideo engagement rates, averaging: 61% video completion rate and 15% in-video CTA click-through rate. (Tweet this!)
  8. Telecommunications brands also see high SmartVideo engagement, averaging: 59% completion rate and 9% in-video CTA click-through rate. (Tweet this!)
SmartVideo Index Part 1