9 SmartVideo Performance Gems To Make Every CMO Smile [Infographic]

Apryl Casale May 09, 2013
9 SmartVideo Performance Gems To Make Every CMO Smile [Infographic]

“I’m investing in SmartVideo for NPS impact, and am paying for it with the financial ROI it’s delivering.” This is one of my favorite anecdotes said by the CMO of a Fortune 500 company. More than ever, the C-suite is implementing video for both financial impact and deeper levels of brand engagement. Yet, companies recognize if they only focus on financial ROI, they can easily miss the boat on customer experience.

For each SmartVideo program, we work closely with our SundaySky customers to set performance expectations based on key indicators, to deliver measurable and profitable results across the customer lifecycle. Customer acquisition programs typically aim to drive customer conversions and revenue, while customer engagement programs focus on retaining customers and growing existing relationships. Both strategies look to enhance the overall customer experience and boost brand engagement.

Earlier this week the SmartVideo Index revealed consumption across industries and interaction by delivery channels, and today I want to share the third and final piece of the puzzle – performance results throughout the customer lifecycle. Below are the nine SmartVideo performance metrics that are making our customers smile from ear to ear:

  1. SmartVideo Advertising programs are delivering more than 9X Return on Ad Spend. (Tweet this stat!)
  2. SmartVideo Advertising has lifted returning visitors by 9%, online orders by 8% and online revenue by 7% for ecommerce sites, on average. (Tweet this stat!)
  3. 5,000 hours of brand engagement for every 1M SmartVideo ad impressions equates to 200 days of brand impact with a highly targeted and relevant audience. (Tweet this stat!)
  4. CMOs value video advertising for brand impact, and are now beginning to hold video advertising accountable for a measurable return. (Tweet this stat!)
  5. 84% of customers find SmartVideos helpful, delivering a positive customer experience. (Tweet this stat!)
  6. On average, SmartVideo bills reduce care calls by 24%. (Tweet this stat!)
  7. SmartVideos drive 19% lift in customer conversion rate for renewal and right-sizing programs. (Tweet this stat!)
  8. CMOs are attracted to SmartVideo programs for financial impact and enhanced customer experiences. (Tweet this stat!)
  9. Consumers are engaging with SmartVideos for the personally relevant, tailored messages, and are highly satisfied with the medium. (Tweet this stat!)
SmartVideo Index Part 3