SundaySky’s Transformation to Power Digital CX Engagement

Apryl Casale September 24, 2020
SundaySky’s Transformation to Power Digital CX Engagement

The events of this year have reinforced the value of personal connections, and connection and engagement are at the heart of SundaySky’s mission. SundaySky continues to evolve to help brands create even more lasting, personal connections. At the same time, we’re helping leading brands drive more value, quicker, and with less overhead. Our Video Experience Platform helps brands create memorable and useful digital customer experiences (CX) that drive deeper consumer engagement. And we keep improving.

Emotional intelligence is now an essential factor in creating strong customer relationships. Text and image communications alone aren’t fulfilling these needs—they lack an empathetic tone to truly connect personally with an individual, and leave consumers unlikely to engage with brands in depth, or at all. And that’s a problem for brands because consumers who are not engaged switch providers more often, buy less, cost more, and are less likely to be brand promoters.

SundaySky’s transformation is led by the core idea of helping brands massively improve consumer engagement with a digital experience platform where video leads, elevates, and strengthens the experience, and empathy and emotional intelligence guide the way.

Our transformation has three goals: scale, speed, and simplicity in activating new experiences for our customers’ customers. Scale is the number of experiences; speed and simplicity is how much time and the amount of effort it takes to activate them, respectively. For instance, just in the last year we’ve reduced the average work days and time to live by 20%. We’ve evolved from a personalized video platform and have expanded the types of digital experiences our platform can activate: video-powered experiences (VX) that solve the most important CX challenges.

Advancing our solutions and product 

We’ve grown our platform to offer businesses an even wider range of digital experiences to make a step-change in consumer engagement using video. Depending on their goals and needs, brands can create data-rich individualized experiences, data-lite contextually relevant experiences, viewer-directed interactive experiences, and dynamic experiences delivered over paid media and social channels.  

Last year, we launched our next generation GPU rendering engine. It delivers a performance improvement of ten times that of its predecessor—which, by the way, was already the market leader. Now we render higher resolution videos with faster time to first frame, and better overall operational performance.

Within the SundaySky Studio, our end-to-end UI for strategy definition, authoring, content management, measurement, and optimization, we’ve advanced the capabilities for activating video experiences from beginning to end. The execution is simpler, and our new approach to configuring the creative look and feel of pre-defined scenes has slashed the time to launch a new video experience compared to a custom approach.

Transformative business value and breakthrough outcomes

Every brand can improve its consumer engagement, and VX should be at the core of that improvement. When brands get engagement right, they are awarded with so much value. Our customers across industries have seen significant cost savings, improved customer loyalty and retention, increased revenue, and higher customer acquisition numbers. Across their customer journeys, they’ve realized significant ROI with SundaySky, including: 

  • $20 of revenue for every $1 spent for one of the largest retailers along the customer acquisition journey
  • $10MM in call center savings from reduced call volume for one of the large telecom companies in the U.S. on the customer service journey 
  • 48% increase in subscription renewal rate for the leading credit bureau on the customer renewal journey
  • 45-point increase in NPS for one of the largest healthcare insurers in the U.S. on the claims journey

Business impact of video experiences

Evolving our partner ecosystem

As VX becomes a larger part of brands’ overall CX strategy, we’ve focused on expanding our partner ecosystem and deepening our partnerships so our customers can realize quicker time to value and scale VX across channels and micro-journeys. We’re happy to report that we’ve done just that—we’ve committed to working with the leading digital experience platforms (like Adobe), CX solution providers (such as Merkle), and data activation technologies. Learn more about our Adobe premier partnership here. 

We’re always working on improving our platform and responding to brands’ evolving CX challenges. SundaySky’s next phase is continuous delivery—more agile development and delivery for every new experience. We’re also focusing on making our platform even easier to use and quicker so that our customers and partners have the benefits of flexibility and simplicity.

Learn more about our transformation and check out some of the highlights from our recent virtual summit below, and learn more about how SundaySky’s transformation can help improve your customer relationships.