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Turbocharge your LinkedIn with video

Quickly and easily create high-quality, professional-looking, personalized videos for your LinkedIn marketing. Iterate and optimize video content based on LinkedIn performance insights for efficient testing.

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Global businesses are rethinking video with SundaySky

The #1 enterprise video platform for ABM personalization at scale

Add video to your ABM mix

ABM programs with video improve engagement with target accounts, prospective buyers, and existing customers. Tailor video content by ABM tier, firmographics and intent data, personas, and more. Read our video ABM case study

Tailor video for journeys

Create a single video template with dynamic placeholders to personalize messages based on where the customer is on their journey with your business. Generate 100s or millions of videos for audience segments or individual customers. Solutions across customer journeys

Improve pipeline & conversions

SundaySky videos have proven to lift ABM account-to-meeting conversions by up to 220%, meeting-to-qualified pipeline conversions by up to 100%, and outperform LinkedIn’s video engagement benchmarks. Personalization drives engagement

More videos, faster, for less

SundaySky’s platform cuts video production time and costs by up to 90%. You can efficiently create and iterate a single video in as little as 20 minutes—no experience necessary! Better video creation with SundaySky
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  • Unlock personalization and power your ABM campaigns with video
  • Use video across customer journeys
  • Lift pipeline conversion rates by up to 220%
  • Create video efficientlysave up to 90% production time and costs by creating a video in as little as 20 minutes!

“SundaySky is a CMO’s dream. The level of audience engagement we’ve witnessed from tailored, personalized video has exceeded our expectations. The ability to scale our video strategy on LinkedIn keeps us squarely in front of our target audience with relevant content, like a 24/7 digital trade show. Finally, the ease at which my team can create videos on their own for our ABM and demand gen campaigns makes SundaySky one of the more popular tools to use in their toolkit. As a pipeline-first marketing org, we’ve unlocked new ways to use video throughout the buying journey, giving us more efficient fuel for our growth engine.”

Mark Tack
CMO, Treasure Data


In this best practices case study, we share our secrets for how we at SundaySky supercharge our LinkedIn ABM strategy with video. Read our story to see how you too can create more video for your LinkedIn marketing, power your ABM with video, and unlock video personalization across customer journeys.

Read Our Case Study