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How SundaySky Powers Its ABM Strategy With Video 

How SundaySky Powers Its ABM Strategy With Video 

SundaySky’s transition to an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy—with personalized and relevant messaging throughout the buying journey—was a steep ask for a small team and limited resources. Though delivering personalized messaging at scale, easily, and in a cost-effective way is exactly what the SundaySky video platform is designed for, the team thought, “Can we use Sunday to sell SundaySky?” 

Yes! Within no time, the SundaySky team began delivering video to customers based on their ABM account tier, goal, and channel. The resulting videos were segmented, highly personalized when needed, and met the customer where they were at in the buyer journey.  

The impacts of moving towards a video-driven ABM strategy were remarkable. Results were seen in an increase in account-to-meeting conversion, meeting-to-qualified pipeline conversion, and velocity of generated videos. The team was able to easily create personalized video at scale and flex their video creation skills at the same time–a win-win for SundaySky. 

  • The challenge: Shift from demand generation marketing to a video-driven account-based marketing (ABM) strategy to reduce waste and win bigger.  
  • The solution: Create a wide assortment of ABM video content that is aligned with account tiers, goals, and channels and mapped across the buying journey. 
  • The results: Remarkable results in conversion rates (220%), pipeline (100%), and content velocity (338 videos in 12 months), despite working with limited resources. 

The time is now to deliver personalized video messaging at scale. Discover the full ABM case study here.