Mutual of Enumclaw Personalizes Its Policyholder Experience

Rachel Sullivan September 23, 2015
Mutual of Enumclaw Personalizes Its Policyholder Experience

The insurance industry is challenged with digital innovation as companies hustle to keep up with digital-minded consumers. Mutual of Enumclaw addresses this challenge by engaging customers with personalized, contextual messages throughout the customer journey, starting from when they first come aboard and continuing through to policy renewal.

The onboarding period is a provider’s biggest opportunity to gain customer trust and create brand stickiness, which sets the stage for a long-term relationship. For customers, personalized video is an engaging and effective way to explain and simplify insurance policies, which can be complicated, as well as share how they can get the most out of their relationship with their insurer. Using personalized video in support of a renewal campaign continues the experience, resulting in a higher policyholder renewal rate and more loyal customers (download the case study here for the full details).

Mutual of Enumclaw personalized consumer experience

How It Works
Mutual of Enumclaw’s customer data is fed through the SmartVideo Cloud platform and used to tailor videos based on profile, historical and situational data attributes resulting in a truly personalized video. The videos welcome customers by name and are personalized according to their insurance agent’s details, policy details, payment amount and due date, and whether they are enrolled in value-added services such as paperless billing. Videos are generated at the moment a viewer clicks play, ensuring the most recent and relevant customer data is featured.

“SundaySky has a robust platform that allows us to dynamically create video that is personalized for an individual customer, providing significant value to our policyholder, our agents and for us,” says Jerel Titus, Mutual of Enumclaw’s director of agile business operations. “With SmartVideo, the essence of our brand is communicated and expressed throughout the video so our customers know that we’ll be there for them, no matter what.”

Watch a sample video:

The Results
Personalized video engagement builds trust and loyalty among Mutual of Enumclaw policyholders from the start of the relationship and throughout the entire lifecycle. It strengthens its digital customer experience and demonstrates its commitment to always placing customers first, which are key differentiators in the competitive insurance industry. Personalized video has proven to be incredibly effective at engaging policyholders and achieving Mutual of Enumclaw’s goals of improving customer satisfaction, educating new policyholders and encouraging use of value-added services. The insurer saw a 10-point lift in NPS score among video viewers and found that 55 percent of viewers had a more favorable opinion toward the company after viewing. Mutual of Enumclaw was even able to lift its already-high renewal rate of 95 percent among video viewers.

Download the full case study here:

Download the Mutual of Enumclaw customer story here