What You Missed During Advertising Week and IAB MIXX

Rachel Sullivan October 02, 2015
What You Missed During Advertising Week and IAB MIXX

This has been a busy week as New York City played host to thousands of advertisers, marketers and tech professionals
during Advertising Week and IAB MIXX. I’m sure to no one’s surprise, ad blocking was one of the most frequently
discussed topics during the events’ many panels. Panelists and attendees covered many other topics, as well. Here are
our highlights of the week:

IAB Worldwide Digital Video Ad Revenues

  1. State of the Digital Video World:
    Coinciding with its IAB MIXX conference, the IAB released a “State of the Digital Video World” report, looking at the digital video market of 19 countries. The takeaways? Mobile and programmatic video are gaining importance in the media mix, and ad blocking, fragmented video technology and varied metrics across video platforms remain challenges. (Tweet this.

  2. Ads are annoying. So what does the ad industry do about it?:
    Ad blocking and its potential implications has been a major theme in the industry. Of course, that made it a highly debated topic at this year’s Advertising Week. Randall Rothenberg, CEO of IAB, hosted three independent publishers on a panel to discuss the financial impact of ad blockers on small publishers.

  3. Programmatic 3.0 is About Fixing – Programmatic 2.0: Panelists on a programmatic panel at Advertising Week agreed that today’s programmatic is about getting back to quality inventory that reaches the right people with the right messaging.
    (Tweet this.) It’s time for marketers to make programmatic technology work harder for them and deliver strong ROI.

  4. Jeff Marcoux of Microsoft at IAB MIXX

    Jeff Marcoux, Microsoft, on Customer Experience: Jeff Marcoux, CMO lead, worldwide enterprise marketing at Microsoft, spoke to the IAB MIXX crowd about crafting a customer experience. Delighting customers is reliant on unlocking all the data sources available to understand what offer a customer should receive next, or what ad should be shown next so that customers have a relevant experience. (Tweet this.) Marketing at the wrong time or with the wrong message is not only a misstep, it’s spam, says Jeff.

  5. Nielsen Says Total Audience Measurement Is Coming ‘by the End of the Year’: As digital viewers and budgets steadily increase, so does the need for standard measurement. There might be light at the end of the tunnel as Steve Hasker, Nielsen’s global president firm’s total audience measurement, stated Nielsen will soon create a common metric for TV and digital. This will provide a total audience read across all linear and digital platforms.

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