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How Will You Be Using Video In Your Customer Experience Mix In 2021?

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The pandemic continues to accelerate the adoption of video. But, as current conditions ease will the shift to video that we have seen over the last few months prove to be a fad or is it here to stay?

SundaySky CEO Jim Dicso thinks it is definitely here to stay as video has proved itself useful particularly in both delivering engaging and personalized experiences as well as bridging the emerging empathy gap, between brands and their customers, that the pandemic has exposed.

Jim cites 1-800 Contacts as a great example of this. The brand experienced a massive rise in orders at the onset of the pandemic when many opticians were forced to close down their offices. To make sure that they built and maintained rich connections with both their new and existing customers they hired more call center employees and then sent individualized videos to customers that included the customer’s prescription by the doctor who reviewed their eye exam. These video experiences helped 1-800 Contacts reach their customers on a very personal level, and that helped them maintain an NPS score in the high 80s throughout the pandemic.

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