Innovation Series: How SundaySky creates videos in real-time

Shay Lichtin November 23, 2020
Innovation Series: How SundaySky creates videos in real-time

Earlier this year, I was featured on Amazon Web Services (AWS) ‘This is My Architecture segment, a global series exploring innovative cloud architectures. I explained how SundaySky’s rendering ecosystem delivers millions of videos each day in real-time, each one unique to the individual viewer. SundaySky’s rendering as a service (RaaS) utilizes a 100% GPU-based spot instance for video creation. Learn more about what real-time video means.  

First, what are GPUs? Graphic Processing Units (GPUs) are microprocessors used for intensive tasks like visual effects, image processing, big data, deep learning, 3D visualization, gaming, and more. Our video experience rendering involves images, embedded videos, animations, narrations, data connections, and more. SundaySky uses GPU-based video rendering to create the optimal viewer experience for our customers’ end-viewers. The balance of speed and image fidelity is critical to engage, educate, and inspire viewers. Because who wants to wait after they tap or click the play button? 

We believe that video is the best digital storyteller medium,. Watch the video below to hear how SundaySky maintains a highly available, cost-efficient, and scalable rendering service.