Personalized Video Holds Enormous Potential for Brands

The 101 on 1-to-1: True personalization is speaking to your customers on an individual, one-to-one level at a relevant point in time and with multiple layers of data driving the message. Video is the most powerful and effective way to do exactly that, provided you’re using an appropriate strategy and methodology, as outlined in SundaySky’s “Beginner’s Guide to Next-Gen Personalization.”

Personalized, Data-Driven SmartVideos Can Enhance Guest Experiences

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures. It’s a digital world and our screens captivate us, increasingly driving video to become a primary means to communicate with hyper-connected travelers. SundaySky is harnessing the power of this visual medium to produce SmartVideos, information-rich, dynamic, personalized videos for clients such as Atlantis, Paradise Island, in order to increase revenue per booking, foster engagement and enhance the guest experience.