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Drive Meaningful Consumer Engagement with SundaySky

Casey Myers August 05, 2021
Drive Meaningful Consumer Engagement with SundaySky

Casey Myers, SVP, Strategic Partners at SundaySky shows how dynamic video-powered experiences forge meaningful connections and compel consumer action, transforming CX engagement. 

Casey Myers, SVP of Strategic Partners and Business Development at SundaySky discusses how brands who do not incorporate real-time content rendering will be left in the dust. Today, digital is no longer a “nice-to-have,” but critical to a company’s success. As more and more brands turn to video as a means to connect with consumers, they are realizing how difficult and costly it is to create and maintain engaging and scalable video experiences as well as measure their impact. Read the full article and watch the video to learn how SundaySky built a real-time cloud-based content rendering engine that allows organizations of any size to produce infinite video variations relevant to each viewer. 

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