How Telcos Can Deliver Ads that Resonate with Consumers and Drive Revenue

Mark Flaharty April 22, 2015
How Telcos Can Deliver Ads that Resonate with Consumers and Drive Revenue

The telecommunications industry is the 4th largest U.S. digital ad spender, following retail, financial services and automotive. The telecom providers wielding these huge ad budgets are facing many industry changes – from higher market saturation and mergers between providers to challenges associated with the growing number of cord-cutters – all of which affect their ad strategies and how they attract and retain customers.


Our latest white paper, Personalized Video Advertising for Telecommunications Providers, looks at why many wireless carriers and cable operators faced with these challenges are allocating larger portions of their ad budgets to personalized video.

The case for online video advertising has long been made. In fact, 72% of U.S. ad agencies think that online video ads are as effective or more effective than TV ads. Online video allows advertisers to be more tailored and reach a much more relevant and highly engaged audience, which means brands are no longer tied to the “one-to-many” video ads of the past and can instead create messages that are truly 1:1 and relevant to each individual.

Personalized video ads are unique to each individual viewer and support customer acquisition by leveraging consumers’ online activity, history and behavior. Because the messages and promotions within an ad are highly relevant to each viewer at the moment the ad is viewed, brands can more effectively drive conversions, revenue and brand awareness.

For example, a wireless carrier could deliver millions of ad permutations that each promote a different device, plan, promotion or competitive message, then personalize each permutation based on consumer signals, such as browsing behavior, current device or plan, current provider as based on IP address, geo-location, and more. Each viewer is served an ad for the offer they’re most interested in, with personalized messages that make the ad more engaging and effective.

Forrester projects that the overall market for video advertising (including traditional, personalized and interactive video) will reach $7.9 billion in the U.S. and €2.6 billion in Europe by 2016. As telecommunications leaders invest more in video ads, they should do so in a way that ensures value and business impact for their brand.

Download our latest white paper to find out how to deliver ads that resonate with consumers while performing for your business.

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