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Customer Service so Good, It’s Invisible – How Personalized Video Can Augment Customer Support

Rachel Eisenhauer Jun 25, 2018 VP of Marketing
Customer Experience Customer Care
Tom Karinshak, Comcast
Tom Karinshak, EVP Customer Service, Comcast

This past week, a gaggle of customer support professionals descended upon Las Vegas for the annual Customer Contact Week summit. Amid the hoopla surrounding AI and omnichannel support, Shep Hyken from Forbes captured two essential comments from the event:

  1. “Service is what’s necessary when the experience fails.” That came from Tom Karinshak, EVP of Customer Care at Comcast, describing what happens in the Comcast universe when something doesn’t go to plan. He further elaborated that every leader at Comcast speaks with two customers per month, humanizing their experience beyond dashboards to understand customer problems on a 1:1 basis.
  2. “…when the customer does reach you, know who they are. Don’t make them repeat stories, verify the same information again and again – or anything else that detracts from what you are supposed to do, which is help them.” Getting personal has never been more important, and technology exists today to avoid RDI – ‘repetitive data injury’ (OK, not a clinical term but our term to describe the rising heart rate and general frustration that comes with submitting the same information over and over again into a customer care vacuum).

Luckily, one of those technologies just so happens to be SundaySky SmartVideo – which combines the power of personalization with the emotion of video to transform customer care into an experience that is deeply personal, relevant, and helpful. To find out how Comcast uses SundaySky to deliver personalized video experiences, click here.