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Breathing New Life into Healthcare and the Patient Experience

Madeline Tolge August 13, 2021
Breathing New Life into Healthcare and the Patient Experience

David Edelman, Digital Marketing Transformation Executive Advisor and former CMO of Aetna, describes how technology finally brings modern CX to healthcare.

Forrester analysts found that less than 50% of consumers used their health insurer or healthcare provider’s website or mobile app in 2019. Almost anyone can agree that it’s frustrating to parse through lengthy descriptions and professional terms to find a resolution. Today, most consumers prefer brands’ digital channels to communicate, and industries like retail, and banking raised the bar for what a customer experience looks like. Patients bring the same expectation to their experiences in healthcare. Health insurers and healthcare providers invest in digital transformation, however, they haven’t progressed to offer patients equivalent experiences. Why has there been only incremental progress? 

Read the full article to learn about the future of patient experience, and how to revive patient experiences across their journey with video.