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Brand Be Nimble, Brand Be Quick: Engaging Digital Experiences in Uncertain Times [Webinar Recap Part 1]

Rachel Eisenhauer May 20, 2020 VP of Marketing
Best Practices Customer Experience Platform

As Covid-19 spreads throughout the world, businesses are feeling the impact and consumers’ needs for helpful information has intensified. The current health crisis is prompting customer quests for up-to-date information and guidance on the correct actions to take from the brands that play a key role in their everyday lives.

Brand communication pushes are happening as fast as business operation changes occur, so the need and ability for brands to swiftly adjust their marketing messages and digital customer experiences was the topic of our SundaySky’s most recent webinar. Joined by guest speaker and Forrester VP Principal Analyst, Joanna O’Connell, we discussed the value and importance on why and how brands can and should evolve their creative process to be agile and nimble in order to meet the needs of their customers. meeting the needs of empowered consumers. We are seeing this more than ever right now—when an unexpected external influence forces businesses to adapt and customers to change their behaviors.

A thoughtful approach to personalization means digital experiences must resonate beyond relevancy.

The abundance of text-heavy emails, tone-deaf advertisements, and stiff website messages intended to inform us, are instead getting lost in the shuffle and are lacking customer empathy. Brands need to be more human in marketing messages—using customer sentiment to evoke emotion. The most effective way to deliver a digital human experience today is with video.

Brands need to be more human in marketing messages—using customer sentiment to evoke emotion.

Joanna O’Connell’s research demonstrates that in order to deliver more relevant and resonant experiences, the creative process must evolve to be:


  • Faster with a more iterative feedback loop
  • Data-driven to infuse and inform the process
  • Collaborative across the enterprise and ecosystem of creative, data and channel partners
  • Omnichannel from the start

This evolved approach allows for the right level of personalization at scale without sacrificing efficiency or effectiveness. Check out Joanna’s recently published “Now Tech: Creative Technologies, Q2 2020” report on how creative technology realizes production efficiencies, improves performance, and increases relevancy for consumers.

So, why does an evolved creative approach matter in the time of Covid-19?

Covid-19 is an unexpected external influence that is forcing customers to embrace new behaviors, such as curbside grocery pickup, adoption of digital tools like check deposit via mobile banking app, or self-installation of new cable services. So it’s on the brand to provide guidance to customers who are confused about what to do and how, and to encourage the correct actions to take in order for customers to get what they want or need from the business, despite this external influence.


Covid-19 is an unexpected external influence that is forcing people to embrace new behaviors, so it’s on the brand to provide guidance and encourage the correct actions for customers to take to get what they want or need from the business.

Businesses must adapt to survive, and so must their digital CX. But that doesn’t mean pausing existing digital experiences, but rather apply this evolved creative philosophy to be nimble and quick with modifying digital customer engagement and marketing messages. Video-powered experiences (VX) are effective engagement to ensure positive CX during this challenging time. VX allows for messages to be clear and concise to compel consumers to take action and adopt new behaviors. SundaySky’s VX platform allows for swift creative modifications and content velocity, enabling powerful digital experiences to get to market faster.

Watch the full webinar with Joanna O’Connell, “Brand Be Nimble, Brand Be Quick: Engaging Digital Experience in Uncertain Times” >