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Behind The Personalized Videos: Meet The SundaySky Team

Kelly Gentile Oct 5, 2018 Solutions Marketing Manager

Have you ever wondered who the team is behind all of your personalized videos? Now’s your chance with the first installment of our Behind The Personalized Videos series.



Can you describe your role at SundaySky?

I am responsible for determining how we can get the data which powers our personalized videos. We work with customers on validating data availability, no matter whether it’s first-, second-, or third-party data. Our team is responsible for vetting security requirements for data transfer and/or retention. Additionally, we work with customers on an integration of the video player within their website and mobile applications.

What do you like the most about working at SundaySky?

Innovation! Product requests and enhancements actually come to fruition and in some cases do so very quickly. The entire team is very agile and changes can be implemented and adopted very quickly, often with little red tape.

Who or what inspires you the most?

My kids – they inspire me to be a good person, to teach respect and to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. They see the world differently, everything is new, and they absorb everything.

What do you like to do for fun?

I enjoy going to the gym, playing soccer, trying new restaurants, and sampling craft beer.




What do you like the most about working at SundaySky?

The people. It’s fun to come to work every morning and see all my friends. At SundaySky, we have people from a lot of different fields, so it really keeps things interesting

Which super-skill – if any – do you have?

Work-related: java streams. Non-work related: cars.

If you could design a personalized video about yourself, what would you want in it?

I want Ronaldinho or Messi to be my narrator, and they will offer me a membership to FC Barcelona with a big discount. And also provide a virtual tour of the stadium according to the seat I’ll choose

Which space at the office do you like the most?

The new enablement living room, with the darts!!!


Elior Siegelwachs | DESIGNER


How is the combination between design & technology reflected in the personalized videos at SundaySky?

From my point of view, the user experience is the strength of our work. It’s achieved by using classical storytelling along with sophisticated data.

How do you start a creative brainstorm for a new project?

I always start by sketching and writing stuff on a piece of paper. It helps me visualize ideas and see many possible options for design.

Can you describe your role at SundaySky?

I’m creating a world where the creative and data live together happily ever after.

Which space at the office do you like the most?

The window near the porch.




Can you describe your role at SundaySky?

In general, I support management with the analysis and information they need to make operational, financial, and strategic decisions. Specifically, it means building a strong relationship with Excel.

What do you like the most about working at SundaySky?

I think that the combination of technology and creative work creates the best possible work environment.

Who or what inspires you the most?

My wife. She is the opposite of me and I learn a lot from this contrast. (Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss is almost as inspirational as her.)

What is one unusual fact about yourself that people may not know?

I practiced karate and thai-boxing for 15 years.

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