3 Tips For Your Personalized Video Advertising This Holiday Season

Kelly Gentile September 30, 2018
3 Tips For Your Personalized Video Advertising This Holiday Season

The holiday season is about embracing those you know best, and this rings true just as much for brands and their customers as it does for individuals and their loved ones. This is why we recently made a short video listing how you (a brand) can ensure your personalized video advertising this holiday season is optimized for inspiring your customers to take action.

For those of you who would rather read the personalized video advertising tips for this holiday season and hear a little more detail, here they are:

Tip #1: Make your scene library holiday ready.

Being personal isn’t simply about addressing individuals as individuals; it also entails being personable. Keep your creative and messaging as relevant and timely as possible by updating them to reflect the holiday season. The added personality shows your audience that you’re just as human as them, and the timely messaging creates a sense of urgency that otherwise wouldn’t be present. We’ve seen brands include things such as on-brand holiday imagery, holiday specific promotions or deals, and even quirky holiday-focused copy in their personalized video advertisements.

Tip #2: Expand your targeting and reconnect with past customers.

Advertising departments tend to focus on top-of-funnel, net new customers when it comes to video advertising, but we think it’s important to also use video advertising to reignite past customers (especially during the holiday season). With the modular nature of scene libraries, personalized video advertising can be used all across the customer lifecycle with the use and reuse of scenes according to what a customer has and has not experienced at any given point. In addition to the usual retargeted ads that showcase last viewed product and relevant deals you could also target regular customers with loyalty messaging borrowed from a pre-existing loyalty program video or even reach out to past customers who you haven’t spoken to in a long time with messaging that simply highlights holiday deals tied to their previous purchase(s).

Tip #3: Add dynamic product placement to your on-air creative and leverage it in digital.

Finally, holiday focused ads for television are a long-time tradition for most brands, so why not use that to your advantage? Instead of creating net new scenes and creative to adhere to tip #1, just use the holiday specific creative that you already produced for your television ads for your personalized video advertising this holiday season. By starting with your television spots as a base, all you have to do is edit the scenes to include dynamic components, such as a changeable product image, in order to make digital channel ready personalized video ads. Applying the dynamic nature of the scene library to your holistic video strategy helps achieve a wider reach and more personalized experience while saving you time and money. Reusing your television spots on digital also allows you to get a little more personalized with your messaging and targeting.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make a genuine impression on your customers (new and old); use these tips to optimize your personalized video advertising this holiday season.