Beginner’s Guide To Next-Gen Personalization [Ebook Download]

Kelly Gentile September 14, 2016
Beginner’s Guide To Next-Gen Personalization [Ebook Download]

Geography, behavior, demographic, psychographic; all common characteristics used for traditional market segments. Brands have used segmentation to personalize customer communications for a long time, but is segment personalization enough in today’s world?

The Age of the Customer

With the abundance of data available to brands today, customers expect them to deliver one-to-one personalization throughout the lifecycle. Segmentation alone doesn’t allow this level of personalization though and, therefore, no longer provides the value it used to. Instead, brands need to start building customer profiles made up of multiple dynamic data points. They must also dissolve media silos and mitigate wasted reach by employing a multi-channel, multi-touchpoint, and push-pull strategy that puts the customer at the very core. This means catering to customers by using their data to deliver the right message at the right time on the right channel. Individualization like this allows brands to break through the market chatter and really make a lasting effect. Because, after all:

“Individualization done right doesn’t look like personalization… it just looks like a great customer experience.” – Brendan Witcher, principal analyst of e-business and channel strategy at Forrester

Personalization is no longer about delivering ‘customized’ content to segments, but is instead about delivering contextually relevant content to individuals. When brands attempt to evolve beyond segmentation into individualization, though, they often find that doing so in a cost-effective way is difficult. So, what’s the solution?

One-to-One Customer Experiences that Scale

Most brands understand the value personalization drives, and are aware of consumers’ desires, but feel unable to execute at scale. In fact, in a survey performed by Demand Metric and Seismic, 59% of the respondents said they don’t personalize because they don’t have the bandwidth or resources. The truth is, with a slight perspective change this level of personalization is achievable at scale though.

This is where the Beginner’s Guide To Next-Gen Personalization comes in. The guide helps redefine what a personalized experience truly is, dives deeper into what it means to view each customer as an audience of one, and explains tactics for delivering one-to-one experiences at scale. Learn all of this, plus how to optimize once the strategies are in place, by downloading this free resource.


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