The 2019 NPS Report: Improve Customer Experience & Drive Business Growth

“Forrester’s 2019 report The Forrester Tech Tide™: Video Technologies for Customer and Employee Experience recommends that organizations invest in personalized video “”because of its high business value.””

Quantification of business value is at the heart of this SundaySky study. Written for customer experience (CX) professionals, digital transformation practice leaders, personalization executives and enterprise P&L owners, the study quantifies the Net Promoter Score (NPS) values for eight personalized video programs deployed by four Fortune 500 brands (with three of those four in the Fortune 50) across telecommunications, financial services, travel and insurance in 2018.

Download the report to learn:
How personalized video can increase NPS by 48+ points

How available data and personal content affect NPS

Best practices for individualized video-powered experiences”

Which Storytelling Style Works Best For Facebook Video Ads?

In order to form data-driven best practices for Facebook video ads, SundaySky partnered with an online retailer to test video story architectures to learn if one approach is more effective than the others when it comes to capturing and retaining the attention of audiences on Facebook and Instagram.