4 Tips for Delivering Retargeted Video Ads

Rachel Eisenhauer September 13, 2012
4 Tips for Delivering Retargeted Video Ads

Bringing site abandoners back to the site is an ideal way to drive brand engagement and recapture an otherwise lost investment in traffic, thereby increasing sales. An effective way of doing this is with retargeted ads. These ads re-engage visitors who left the website without converting based on their previous Internet actions.

According to eMarketer, retargeting ads produce an upsurge in website visitation of 726% – more than twice any other form of advertising. Retargeted customers are 70% more likely to complete a sale than other visitors.

So, it’s clear that retargeted video advertising is effective at converting customers. But how can you enhance your online video ads to maximize both engagement and business results?

  1. Ad Length: Ad lengths of 15 or 30 seconds are the most effective. While this is similar to TV ad spots, it is quite significant that retargeted video ads are NOT repurposed from TV.
  2. Constant Optimization: One of the capabilities and benefits of retargeted video ads is that both the media buy and creative should be continually optimized for best results.
  3. In-Stream Placement: While video ads can be placed in a variety of spots on the web, in-stream placement is the most effective and engaging spot – specifically pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll. The viewer is already engaged in video content, so in-stream placement is the optimum way to leverage the engagement.
  4. Call to Action: Incorporating a compelling call to action may seem obvious, but again, is a best practice in maximizing viewer engagement and delivering business results. The best call to actions we’ve seen work for customers include, “Add to Cart,” “Make a Payment,” or “Click to Chat.”

Feel free to share any tips you have come across for delivering effective video ads in the comments below.