Compelling Customer Experiences: Connecting through Multiple Channels

Rachel Eisenhauer September 12, 2012
Compelling Customer Experiences: Connecting through Multiple Channels

This is a guest blog post from Avi Greenfield, Product Manager for HP Exstream. 

On our Exstream Impact blog, we frequently discuss the importance of multi-channel customer communications to better the customer experience. In today’s society and economy, consumers and workers are more mobile than ever. The lines are blurring between devices and technology people use at work versus play. With more than 350 million tablets and one billion Smartphones expected to be in use in the U.S. by 2016, it’s no wonder that consumers are demanding access to communications through electronic channels in addition to traditional print or snail mail.

While some customers prefer to have communications (utility bills, bank statements, insurance policies, etc.) sent via traditional mail others desire communications sent via text message or email. To stay competitive, it is vital for companies to have a customer communications strategy that includes the ability to provide critical information to customers through all possible preferred channels such as the web, SMS, email, video, digital mailboxes and mobile applications.

I personally think that smart video communications is going to become very popular with consumers. Look at the phenomenon that occurred when YouTube was introduced. Now, more than 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month and more than 4 billion hours of videos are watched monthly. Interesting videos are drawing the attention of consumers all over the world and companies that capitalize on the video trend and deliver communications through this channel will hook the attention of those with wandering minds. Imagine delivering personally relevant health insurance account summaries along with wellness tips in a smart video to members. Communications delivered through a video channel introduce a better, smarter way to deliver personalized, engaging communications to consumers in real-time.

The companies that are able to design and deliver targeted, personalized, relevant customer communications through multiple print and electronic channels will have a competitive advantage when it comes to attracting new customers, as well as growing existing customer relationships and increasing loyalty.

The Humana “Explanation of Benefits” demo video was presented at the 2012 HP Exstream Americas User Conference in Nashville, September 10-13.

Thanks for your guest blog, Avi!